Your Vision Can Change Your World

We’ve often said, “Your personal vision doesn’t have to change the world, it just has to change your world.” This is very true!

But what about when you do want to change the world? Is changing the world, whether in a small way or grand way, locally or globally, part of your personal or organizational vision?

Below you’ll find five ways you can help others connect with, engage with, and buy into your vision to change the world!

Why This Matters

Imagine what the world would be like without the vision and leadership of Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, JFK, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Steve Jobs, and Mother Teresa? What if they had not shared their personal and organizational visions with the world? It would be a different world indeed!

What about those you may know who help in local communities? Whose vision is to feed the hungry, clothe the needy, educate people in undeveloped areas, support those who lost loved ones in war, provide medicine to the sick, support refugees, or comfort the weary? What would the world be like without them? What has been their often unseen impact?

Grand or small, local or global, charitable, spiritual, or professional — a personal or organizational vision can be wildly impactful to the world as a whole!

Spreading Your Vision

Believe in yourself and believe in the vision that lights a fire within you! Here are five ways to help others understand, connect with, and engage with your vision.

Clarity is Key

Start by clearly articulating your vision. Use concise language, avoid jargon, and ensure everyone understands the “what” and “why” of your vision. Consider these examples:

“A computer in every home.” Bill Gates / Microsoft
“To serve the poorest of the poor.” Mother Teresa
“The abolition of the slave trade.” William Wilberforce
“Put a man in space.” John F.  Kennedy
“Bring peace, justice, equality, love and fulfillment to all.” Rosa Parks
“Air and space superiority.” U.S. Air Force

Paint a Picture

Don’t just tell, show! Use storytelling, visuals, pictures, video, and analogies to bring your vision to life. Make it tangible and relatable, allowing others to picture themselves contributing and experiencing the impact. Think of Steve Jobs pulling the first iPod out of his pocket to the surprise and shock of the world!

Connect on Values and Purpose

People are motivated by different things. Discover what drives your audience. What are their key values? Do they have a shared purpose? Align your vision with these shared values and purpose.

Empower and Involve

Encourage participation and ownership. Give people opportunities to contribute their ideas and talents, making them feel invested in the success. Celebrate progress and individual contributions to maintain momentum.

Lead by Example

Your passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Be a role model by demonstrating unwavering commitment and dedication to your vision. This inspires others to join you on the journey. Be true to what you represent and what you want to represent.

Wrapping Up

Consider any individual or organization that leads with an inspiring vision and that is changing the world. They likely excel at many or all of the above. You can too!

Believe that you truly can change the world! And, you can recruit and inspire others to join your cause by articulating a clear vision, by painting a picture of its benefits, connecting on values, by empowering and inviting others to join you, and by leading by example. That’s leading with a vision, and that’s becoming your best!

“I am leaving this legacy to all of you … to bring peace, justice, equality, love and a fulfillment of what our lives should be. Without vision, the people will perish, and without courage and inspiration, dreams will die.” – Rosa Parks

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