& Course Previews

Use the below workshop and course previews to test and evaluate the content and delivery of each course for fit.

Do What Matters Most

This one-hour preview gives you the essential content, templates, & experience to know if the Do What Matters Most on-demand course, live training, or certification is right for you & your team. In this preview you not only learn the three key habits to achieve 30-50% more in 2-4 weeks, but you also get the tools and opportunity (during the preview) to apply the habits to your life and see the impact.

The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

The 12 Principles Course is your go-to training to develop high-performing leaders at every level of your organization. This award-winning course distills 40 years of research into what is consistently called “the best leadership training I have ever attended.” At the conclusion of the preview, you will know whether this course and its delivery formats are a right fit for your organization. The preview includes a number of tools and resources to help you apply these principles.

The Six-Step Process

Less than 10 percent of leaders and organizations have a problem-solving process. Yet, 82 percent of leaders feel like their team members could improve their problem-solving skills. To close the gap, a new approach to planning & execution was born, The Six-Step Process. It’s been used by merchandising, engineering, construction, manufacturing, service, and other industry organizations with wildly successful results. The 6-step process is going to change the world for those who use it.

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