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What is Certification

For organizations with certified trainers and managers who are seeking cost-effective ways to implement solutions themselves, Becoming Your Best certifies on-site client facilitators – certified trainers. These trainers teach Becoming Your Best content and adapt it to their organization’s needs. Certification is an in-house alternative to hiring Becoming Your Best Trainers to conduct the training.

Becoming Your Best offers certified training in three categories:

Do What Matters Most

to improve individual and organizational productivity and time management.

The Six-Step Process

6 Steps to Effectively Plan to give team leaders and project managers a standard & universal process to solve problems and seize opportunities.

The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

Take current and future leaders to their highest leadership potential.

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Why Get Certified

Want to get more results from your change initiatives and employee development programs? That’s the reason for certification.

Research shows certifying internal leaders and employees to train their peers is the fastest and most effective path to securing real change and delivering real results.

Below are the key benefits to certification:

You can get certified in three easy steps

How to Get Certified In Three Easy Steps


Attend a self-paced on-demand course or attend a live virtual workshop (or both)


Complete the train-the-trainer self-paced, on-demand certification course


Complete a 1:1 trainer certification review with a Master Trainer

Registration for certification is all inclusive. When you register for certification you’ll be given immediate access to the on-demand course, on-demand certification course, and you’re invited to attend any live virtual course (no additional cost). Following completion of the on-demand trainer certification you participate in a 1:1 review with a master trainer. This is a unique opportunity to review your mastery of the content, ask questions, and get you ready to teach Becoming Your Best Content.

Certification is available in the following three categories:

Do What Matters Most

#1 Time- Management Solution

The Six-Step Process

6 Steps to Effectively Plan

12 Principles Certification

12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

Benefits & Resources for Certified Trainers

Becoming Your Best has designed a train-the-trainer program that guarantees the facilitator—regardless of experience or ability—is the star of the show. You are the hero. Our clients say it’s simply the best in the business, the “gold standard.”

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Here’s what you can expect from certification:

With these and other resources you will master the content, be guided by a master trainer, learn how to tailor the content to your needs, prepare powerful content, easily manage your classroom and learning environment, effectively engage with peers, and have a clear plan to change lives and deliver real results to your people.


Register or Contact Us

You can register for certification using any of the below links:

Or, fill out the form to talk with one of our client advisors about becoming a certified trainer:

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