Trainer Certification – The Six-Step Process


Certification is for those who want to equip current executives, managers, and team leads with a framework and process to quickly and effectively work through any challenge or problem. As you train your organization, teams will get aligned, identify the vision and desired outcome, find solutions, create a clear plan of who will do what by when, and set up accountability for the desired results.


The Six-Step Process Certification is a three-step process:

Step 1: Complete a self-paced on-demand course or attend a live virtual workshop (or both)

Step 2: Complete the train-the-trainer self-paced, on-demand certification course

Step 3: Complete a 1:1 trainer certification review with a Master Trainer

The on-demand course is approximately three hours and can be completed at your pace. You can also attend a live virtual Six-Step Process workshop (two 90-minute sessions) in place of or in addition to the on-demand course. This is a great opportunity to observe and learn from other presenters. Once you’ve completed an on-demand course or participated in a live virtual workshop, you will be given access to the on-demand certification course. This is a three to four hour self-paced course. You will conclude your certification with a unique opportunity to meet 1:1 with a master trainer for one hour. You will receive a certificate of completion after meeting with your master trainer. Upon completion you’ll also be given access to the “Trainer Success Center” and have ongoing support from the BYB team. You will be set up to succeed and see real results.

Time to completion:

On-Demand Six-Step Process Course: ~3-4 hours

On-Demand Certification Course: ~3-4 hours

1:1 Review with Master Review: 1 hour

Total Time: 7 – 9 hours (depending on your pace)

And, of course, if you have any questions along the way, we’re here to help.

Here’s what is included with your certification:

  • Access to the Six-Step Process participant guide, templates, and the trainer guide
  • The book Start with the Vision
  • Access to the self-paced Six-Step Process On-Demand Course
  • Access to any Six-Step Process Live Virtual Workshop of your choosing
  • Access to the self-paced Six-Step Process On-Demand Certification Course
  • 1:1 one-hour certification review with a Master Trainer
  • Ongoing live support from the BYB trainer success team
  • Access to Quarterly Certified Trainer Conferences (Q&A, updates, live mentoring)
  • Access to the Trainer Success Center with a complete library of resources, videos, powerpoints, and instructional content for effective training

“The 6-Step Process provides a template to strategically map out how to overcome any challenge. There are very few playbooks that can be applied to every facet of business and life, and this process tops them all.” Dean Griess, Executive Learning Leader, Charles Schwab

      “The Six-Step Process has had a significant, positive impact on my business. It has helped me through many tough multi-million dollar obstacles.” Cory Moore, Executive Vice President, Big-D Construction

This course will first present how to effectively complete each step of the six-step process:

    Step 1 – Start With the Vision – change the mindset from problem-centric to solution-centric

      Step 2 – What is the current reality?

        Step 3 – Identify the root causes of potential gaps between the vision and current reality

          Step 4 – How to find the best options

            Step 5 – Develop and implement a plan of who will do what by when

              Step 6 – Debrief and evaluate results

                The course will then review real-life case studies and how others used the six-step process to work through a problem, get a who-what-when plan, and deliver results.

                  The course then reviews your individual application of the six step process so that you can use the six-step process right now to solve a specific challenge of yours, big or small.

                    Following completion of the on-demand and/or live virtual training, you can complete the on-demand trainer course.

                      The trainer course will review how to teach others each step of the process and how to guide them through its use in relation to their unique challenges.

                        The trainer course will also review resources available to you, how to use them, and how to leverage these resources for those you train.

  • Modality – Online, on-demand (anytime, anywhere), e-learning, with live virtual options
  • Course Content – 7-9 hours of e-learning lessons/modules/live virtual options
  • Duration – 7-9 hours
  • Delivery options – Compatible with any electronic device, self-paced
  • Included Participant Materials – Online participant toolkit with model card, online workbook, trainer guide, and access to the “Trainer Success Center”

At the individual, organization, and team level, below is a list of challenges this training typically solves and reported skills and areas of improvement:

    • Challenges Solved:

      • Being “Stuck” in challenges
      • Failed Projects
      • Missed deadlines & dropped balls
      • Team miscommunication
      • Team misalignment
      • Team conflict
      • Stressed, overworked individuals
      • Slow and poor project results
      • And more…

Skills and Areas of Improvement:

    • Problem-solving
    • Planning
    • Innovation
    • Execution
    • Teamwork
    • Engagement
    • Accountability
    • Leadership
    • Organizational and individual time management
    • Performance & productivity
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