Do What Matters Most


Do What Matters Most


Drawing on their forty years of leadership research, this book offers three powerful habits that the top 10 percent of leaders use to Do What Matters Most. These three high performance habits are developing a written personal vision, identifying and setting Roles and Goals, and consistently doing Pre-week Planning. And Steve and Rob make an audacious promise: these three habits can increase anyone’s productivity by at least 30 to 50 percent. For organizations, this means higher profits, happier employees, and increased innovation. For individuals, it means you’ll find hours in your week that you didn’t know were there–imagine what you could do!

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“This is the most impactful leadership book I’ve ever read. It provides a simple results-based method that everyone is capable of following. If you follow this process, you will not only become a better leader, but a better spouse, parent, and friend. Every CEO, leader, and person should read this book.”

 —Mike Choutka, President & CEO of Hensel Phelps

Michelle Friesenhahn, Global SVP Human Resources, Ultra

“This book helped me improve my focus on what matters most by showing me how to schedule my priorities instead of prioritizing my schedule. The big three of vision, roles & goalsand pre-week planning are life-changing habits that I am constantly sharing with others. I love the simplicity of this book and the immediate call to action that will impact anyone!”

Minalkumar Shah, CEO, Techpak Industries Ltd.

“Transformational reading delivered in a precise and simple way that is easy for people to connect with. This book shows how to design a great life by following the big three habits that will make daily living productive, effective, and fulfilling.”

Jody Richards, President, Process Technology

“This book is about leading a life by design; either you make things happen or things happen to you. Do What Matters Most teaches the building blocks of success and how to control your destiny to achieve success in every area of your life. If you are yet to find success, this book is for you. If you are already successful, you can soar to greater heights. I wish I had read this book as a teenager.”

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