Do What Matters Most

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Use these three highest performance habits to prioritize time, increase productivity, and intentionally Do What Matters Most. You can use these principles for your profession, personal life, your team or organization, and even for your family & health.

In our research of more than 1,260 managers, we found that 68% feel their biggest challenge is how to prioritize their time. Despite endless to-do lists and strict schedules, 80% of those same people do not have a process to do what matters most.

Do What Matters Most meets this need. These habits, tools, & skillset give you a simple process to manage time, schedule priorities, dedicate time & energy to relationships & health, while also improving performance at work.

Research shows that the skills learned in Do What Matters Most effectively resolve task saturation, procrastination & missed deadlines, relieve cognitive load, reduce stress, provide clear focus, establish work-life balance, and improve performance and productivity by 30-50% on average. Would you like to achieve more with less stress? Put to practice the 3 habits and skills found in this book.

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