Leadership Development

Because The Best Organizations Are The Ones Who Develop The Best Leaders!

What is Leadership Development?

The “12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders” is the #1 Rated Leadership Development Program. This is your go-to training to develop high-performing leaders at every level of your organization.

In 40 years of researching great leaders and high performers – the top 10% across industries – we found that there are 12 principles of highly successful leaders that you see over and over again. They are the common denominator amongst the very best. Applying these 12 principles is a strong predictor of a leader’s personal and professional success.

What’s exciting is that these 12 principles can be learned.

Participating leaders and trainers get the knowledge, skills, and tools to:

Who is This Training For?

The “12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders Conference” is for current leaders, future leaders, and certified trainers. This includes executives, managers, directors, project managers, team leaders, promising sales and operations staff, or others with leadership potential:

What are the Expected Results?

Increase Performance

Performance isn't merely doing more, it's doing what matters most as a leader. Participants understand how to identify priorities, plan, manage time, and execute to task completion.

Inspire & Motivate

Participating leaders better motivate, inspire, and influence their people. They learn how to communicate clearly, align people, establish accountability, build trust, & take ownership.

Set & Deliver on Goals

Participating organizations report that after this program their leaders consistently and reliably define, report on, and achieve their goals.

Build Trust & Accountability

What happens when your leaders can't engender trust with their people? Performance and productivity come to a halt & turnover goes up. Show your leaders how to build trust.

Improve Decision Making

Decision Making is a critical skill as a leader that can define their success or their failure. Show leaders how to make the important "big" decisions and act fast on the "small" decisions.

Create Work-Life Balance

When leaders' lives outside of work fall apart, so do their professional lives. Show them how to have healthy relationships and health so that they can have peak performance at work.

How to Participate?


$ 495
One-time, Per Attendee
  • Recording with Trainer
  • Online
  • Capacity: 1 Person
  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Availability: On-Demand


$ 1,495
One-time, Per Attendee
  • Live with Trainer
  • In-person Online
  • Capacity: 50 People
  • Duration: 8x 90-min Sessions over 8 Weeks
  • Start Dates: Click Below To See Dates


$ 2,495
One-time, Per Trainer
  • Live with Trainer
  • In-person Online
  • Capacity: Unlimited
  • Duration: 3x 2-hour Live Sessions + Online
  • Certification: Self-Paced

Each course is all-inclusive and contains all materials needed for the participants to learn and apply the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders. Live courses offer the benefit of trainer-participant and peer-to-peer interaction. When the Leadership Development Training is complete, participants have all the tools and skills they need to unlock their best leadership potential.

Choose the best path for you above, and try it out for yourself and your team.

"I have implemented the Becoming Your Best Leadership Model into my organization and witnessed firsthand the dramatic effects it had on our team and thus our company! My advice—commit to it, execute on it, and watch the transformation take place!”

John W. Fitzpatrick, President & CEO, Force Marketing

In-House Training & Other Inquiries

Would you like a Leadership Development Trainer to train your team Live In-Person or Live Online? Or would you like a Master Trainer to roll out Online Training across your organization? To explore these or other opportunities, let’s connect!

Fill out the below form, or call us at 888-690-8764:

"We’ve been working with and using the Becoming Your Best system for two years now, and the results have been amazing. The BYB program, with its powerful emphasis on skill set and mindset, was exactly what we were looking for. Our advisers are motivated, excited, engaged, and performance is up! BYB is not just a good idea, it’s a system for all aspects of your life that is driving positive results for A Place for Mom, our employees, and our customers."

Sean D. Kell, CEO, A Place for Mom, Inc.

You Can Also Read The Book

Becoming Your Best:

The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders


Becoming Your Best teaches the principles you need to follow in order to reach your highest potential and become an exceptional leader—including living a well-balanced personal life. Learn the 12 principles of highly successful leaders, including:
Be True to Character
Lead with a Vision
Prioritize Your Time
Innovate through Imagination
Be Accountable
Live in Peace and Balance
Be an Effective Communicator
And more

Divided into three sections—Transformational Leadership, Transformational Teams and Relationships, and Transformational Living—Becoming Your Best is packed with advice, tools, and examples for turning your thoughts into action, motivating yourself and your people, leading and inspiring teams, and living a balanced, healthy life.
You will be armed with the knowledge and tools to measurably improve your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

Grab a copy below:

Meet the Program Founders:

International Bestselling Authors and Trainers Steve & Rob Shallenberger


Steve Shallenberger started his 1st multi-million dollar company at 26. He successfully started and ran 11 companies in 4 industries. He is a HBS graduate & now teaches his 40 years of research on successful people and businesses.Rob Shallenberger is a decorated F-16 Pilot, former Air Force One Agent, MBA graduate, and managerial consultant.  Steve and Rob train and coach the 12 principles of Successful Leaders, Strategic Planning, and Problem Solving to leading companies such as PepsiCo, Charles Schwab, Dallas Cowboys, Dell, Make a Wish, YPO, Et Al. Rob & Steve are both wonderful husbands with 4 and 6 kids respectively, and both are actively involved in their local communities. 

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