Why Use a Custom Planner

Even with Google and Outlook calendars, 68 percent of people say their biggest challenge is time management. It manifests as burnout, task overload, and neglected health and relationships.

This newsletter introduces you to a new tool for improved time management — a planner designed and customized by you, for you.

Here are five ways a custom planner can uniquely support your life journey.

Five Reasons To Customize Your Planner

customizable planner is a blank canvas, ready to be molded into your perfect organizational tool, perfectly matched to you and your lifestyle.

1. Unleash Your Inner Organizer. Do you thrive on hourly schedules, block schedules, or schedules with no times? Do you prefer daily one-page schedules, weekly views, or a full two pages for each day? Schedule how you want. Love habit tacking? Daily quotes? Daily reflection and gratitude? Rituals or routines? Include them! It’s your organizational dream. Oh, and you can even choose your own start and end date 🙂

2. Beyond Calendars, Support Your Lifestyle. Include meeting notes, storyboards, project trackers, and Six-Step Process templates for your career; or, meal planning, exercise logs, school trackers, home project trackers, child planning and more for your family. Plan your travel, hobbies, sports, habits, reflection, bucket lists, reading lists, and so much more!

3. Spark Your Creativity. Sketch out mind maps, use brainstorming guides, create vision boards, write out storyboards, utilize blank pages for ideation, or track progress towards ambitious goals visually. This open-ended format ignites your imagination and empowers you to dream big and plan accordingly.

4. Notes the Way You Want. How do you like taking notes? With blank pages, dotted matrices, lists, to do lists, fully lined pages — or all of the above? Are you a light writer, who would only use 4 pages, or are you a heavy note taker who would use 40 pages? Take notes the way you want.

5. Set, Track, and Achieve Goals and Habits. With multiple vision board and goal templates, capture and achieve your dream goals. You can use also use daily or weekly habit trackers, or include a six-month habit tracker for long-term habit tracking. Do you have specific well-being goals and habits? Use your daily well-being tracker for your personal health and well-being. The world is your oyster 🙂

Wrapping Up

Make organization and time management both fun and uniquely specific to your life — start customizing your planner and grab life by the horns. You’ll live your very best life. That’s becoming your best!  

“I love everything about this — from the look and feel, to the paper quality, to the content that is so relevant to every part of my life.” – Deanna Williams

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