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Consider the impact of an aligned team. How could being better aligned help you achieve your objectives this year?

When just one team member is not aligned (e.g., misunderstood responsibilities, missed deadlines, confused assignments, etc.), the entire team’s productivity declines by an average of 24%.

The companies that align with a clear strategic plan will be the ones who dominate their industry coming out of challenging times. This program brings your executive team together to develop your strategic plan.

The objective of the program is to help your organization ALIGN from top to bottom and have a clear strategic plan.

The strategic plan that starts with the overall company vision, works through the company values and standards, strategy and focus, culture, target, long-term goals, short term goals, and then works down into weekly alignment meetings, pre-week planning, and daily focus and execution.

Download your guide and access a preview event to evaluate if the Strategic Planning & Alignment training is right for you and your team. 

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"I had one of the best weeks of my entire career thanks to you. We revealed our vision and core values to our 122 stockholders on Wednesday and Thursday and we begin the rollout to the other 3500 employees next week. People are truly inspired and feel like they are part of something so grand and great that they are all in on the future. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your guidance and feedback through this process. Your contribution to a new direction for our company is immeasurable. This is only the beginning but I can tell our people will rally around the vision and plan and we will ascend to new heights. "

Mike Choutka, President & CEO, Hensel Phelps

The Benefit of
Strategic Planning & Alignment

Alignment within a team and organization is powerful! Consider a nine-person row team (like you see in the Olympics). How would the team perform if some of the rowers weren’t rowing at the same pace? How would that affect morale? Certainly the captain who attempts to yell out a cadence would be upset. The rest of the team would also soon be frustrated by the lackluster result and friction. Criticism, blaming, resentment, finger-pointing, and frustration ensue. Contrast this with a fully aligned row team. They work harmoniously together. They reap the results of synergistic work. They get better results, they feel like a team, and they win or lose together as a team.

If it’s difficult in a nine-person row team, it’s difficult in a large team or organization! This training is the proven solution to align your team and organization from top to bottom. Allow your team to work harmoniously, towards the same goals, and with clear communication, accountability, and alignment. Be the captain that gets your team rowing together with the strategic planning and alignment training solution. Request information at the top of this page.

"“We loved it all. The external analysis alone was hugely impactful. This tool helped our people be at ease in a changing environment and made us quickly adaptable and versatile in a quickly changing industry and economy."

 Casey Davis

Meet the Program Founders:

International Bestselling Authors and Trainers Steve & Rob Shallenberger


Steve Shallenberger started his 1st multi-million dollar company at 26. He successfully started and ran 11 companies in 4 industries. He is a HBS graduate & now teaches his 40 years of research on successful people and businesses.Rob Shallenberger is a decorated F-16 Pilot, former Air Force One Agent, MBA graduate, and managerial consultant.  Steve and Rob train and coach the 12 principles of Successful Leaders, Strategic Planning, and Problem Solving to leading companies such as PepsiCo, Charles Schwab, Dallas Cowboys, Dell, Make a Wish, YPO, Et Al. Rob & Steve are both wonderful husbands with 4 and 6 kids respectively, and both are actively involved in their local communities. 

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