The Six-Step Process

Six-Steps To Solve Your Biggest Challenges


Becoming Your Best researched 50 leading organizations over many years to see how employees and leaders planned and problem solved. The goal: identify what worked and what did not. It was interesting to find that less than 10% of organizations have a company-wide problem-solving process they teach their leaders and employees. Yet, 82% of leaders feel like their team members could improve their problem-solving skills. To close the gap, a new approach to planning & execution was born, The Six-Step Process.

Do you have a simple, easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach process for solving problems and seizing opportunities within your company?

If not, this program will utilize the Six-Step Process to give you and your teams a process to solve their biggest problems, quickly seize opportunities, and create a clear plan of who will do what by when. This process aligns teams and puts an immediately executable plan in hand.

Course Benefits

This program helps leaders and trainers:

Download your guide and template to evaluate if the Six-Step Process is right for you and your team. 

"The Six-Step Process provides a template to strategically map out how to overcome any challenge. There are very few playbooks that can be applied to every facet of business and life, and this process tops them all."

Dean Griess, Executive Learning Leader, Charles Schwab


$ 195
One-time, Per Attendee
  • Self-Paced Course
  • In-person Online
  • Capacity: Unlimited
  • Duration: 3-4 Hours


$ 495
One-time, Per Attendee
  • Live with Trainer
  • In-person Online
  • Capacity: 50 People
  • Duration: 2x 120 min sessions (over 2-days)


$ 1395
One-time, Per Trainer
  • Seft-Paced Course & 1:1 Training Session
  • In-person Online
  • Capacity: Unlimited
  • Duration: 4-6 Hour Self-paced Course
The Book: Start with the Vision

6-Steps to Effectively Plan, Create Solutions, and Take Action


Start with the Vision outlines and illustrates how to apply the Six-step process to any problem or opportunity. The book explains each step and includes 4 case studies to demonstrate how to apply each step of the process.

The Six-Step Process found in Start with the Vision will help a person, family, or team transform any challenge or problem. It brings organizations together with a common language and process to address any issue, saving them countless hours and a significant amount of money while fostering imagination and collaboration!
Grab a copy below:

"The Six-Step Process has had a significant, positive impact on my business. It has helped me through many tough multi-million dollar obstacles."

Cory Moore, Executive Vice President, Big-D Construction

Meet the Program Founders:

International Bestselling Authors and Trainers Steve & Rob Shallenberger


Steve Shallenberger started his 1st multi-million dollar company at 26. He successfully started and ran 11 companies in 4 industries. He is a HBS graduate & now teaches his 40 years of research on successful people and businesses. Rob Shallenberger is a decorated F-16 Pilot, former Air Force One Agent, MBA graduate, and managerial consultant.  Steve and Rob train and coach the 12 principles of Successful Leaders, Strategic Planning, and Problem Solving to leading companies such as PepsiCo, Charles Schwab, Dallas Cowboys, Dell, Make a Wish, YPO, Et Al. Rob & Steve are both wonderful husbands with 4 and 6 kids respectively, and both are actively involved in their local communities. 

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