Lead With a Vision (5 Tips)

Do you want to lead a life by design, rather than by default?

Here are five ways you can develop, improve, and leverage your personal (and organizational) vision to not only manage but also lead your life and team.

Five Ways to Lead With a Vision

1. Build Your Vision

Individually, list your life roles, and for each role, articulate where you are going, what you’d like to achieve, your values, and what you’d like to become. The most important step is to start, putting pen to paper. Your vision will gain clarity & motivation with time.

Organizationally, reflect on your core values and what success looks like to you. Is it fostering innovation? Building a thriving company culture? Providing superior service to a customer segment?

2. Keep It Present

Don’t let your vision gather dust! Print it out and place it somewhere highly visible, where it will be regularly seen. Seeing it regularly keeps you focused and motivated.

3. Recite and Reinforce

Incorporate your vision into your daily rituals and routines. Read or recite it during morning or evening routines. Review it in your pre-week planning, and you’ll find that it directs your daily and weekly actions and helps you do what matters most!

Organizationally, read it aloud and recite it with your people during regular meetings. Ask your people what it means to them and how they apply it.

4. Share It and Be Accountable

Consider sharing your vision with a trusted friend, mentor, or colleague. Be accountable and schedule times to report on your progress. Organizationally, share your vision with stakeholders, clients and customers, and anybody with an interest in your organization. Report to them what you are doing to realize your vision and progress made.

5. Visualize Your Vision

Take your vision beyond words! Make it a “vision board”! How? Start simple — for each life role or company value, find one picture that captures your vision for that role or value. That’s it! With time, you may add more pictures, but start with just one picture that ignites your imagination, passion, and desire!

Wrapping Up

So build your vision, write it out, keep it present, recite it regularly, share it, be accountable, and visualize it with a vision board! You’ll live with purpose and meaning, and you’ll lead a life by design, rather than by default. That’s becoming your best!

“The vision of one can influence many.” – Steve Shallenberger

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