What are your values as a leader?

It’s time to get real. Do you know your values? More importantly, do you live them?

Strong values, along with a powerful vision, are the compass that guide your life. And, they are a hallmark of superior leadership. So, how do you define, and more importantly, live by your valuesHere are three steps to define and live by your values!

Step 1 - Know Yourself

What values matter most to you? Take out a sheet of paper. List the values that matter most to you. Think honesty, integrity, work ethic, kindness, innovation – what are the core principles that drive you?

Reflection tip: Jot down situations where you felt truly fulfilled. What values were at play?

Step 2 - Shape Your Organization

Gather your team: Discuss what values would create the ideal work environment. Whether your lead a team of 2, 200, or 20,000. Define, review, and iterate the values that align with your companies vision, purpose, brand, and identity.

Keep it clear: Choose a handful of core values everyone can understand and embrace.

Step 3 - Walk the Talk

Decisions, decisions: Let your values guide every choice you make, big or small. How? Include your written-out values with your written personal vision, and review them weekly as you pre-week plan. Your values will then flow into your weekly and daily actions. This will inherently lead to value-based living!

Organizationally, review your values in regular coordination meetings and training. And, get feedback from your people: ask them if there’s anything out of line with your values, or how you can — as a team — better align with your values.

Lead by example: Your actions speak volumes. Be the embodiment of your values.

Wrapping Up

Know your values. Define them, write them out, and include them with your personal vision. Review them as you pre-week plan, and watch your values guide your weekly and daily actions! Organizationally, define your values, review them regularly, and ask for feedback from your team on how you’re doing. And, lead by example! That’s becoming your best!

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” – Roy Disney

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