If at first…

What does “never giving up” mean to you?

Like the greatest of leaders, do you live by this principle at the daily level?

Find below two tips to master this principle, and you too will grab life by the horns and forge your own destiny.

What Drives a Person to Never Give Up?

Never giving up is very simply “trying again.” And, as we all know, “If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again.” But, what drives a person to “try again”? It is a mindset of determination. It is work ethic. It is resolve. It is focus. It is to believe in yourself, your purpose, and your ability to fail and fail again until at last you succeed. And how do you find that resolve, determination, focus, work ethic, and self-belief?

Develop The Right Mindset and Skillset

There are two ways to develop this mindset and skillset.

First – Do What Matters Most

First, by developing a personal written vision, setting roles and goals, and pre-week planning to do what matters most.

Your vision inherently brings clarity, focus, determination, resolve, and self-belief into your life! Your roles and goals give you a clearly marked path and plan that push you through barriers and past failure!

Pre-week planning is taking action, scheduling priorities, and trying again until goals, visions, dreams, and priorities are accomplished. When you do what matters most, you naturally develop the mindset and skillset to never give up.

Second – Practice – Try, Fail, and Try Again

The second way to develop this skillset and mindset is simply through practice and experience. Consider these examples:

  • Steve Jobs
  • Sara Blakely
  • Malala Yousafzai
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Every successful athlete … ever

They tried. They failed. Got back up, and tried again. Failing forward, through practice, became a skill and habit. They learned that we all lose sometimes. They learned that we all fall, mess up, miss, and make mistakes. They learned that small failures often mark the path to success. And they persisted, persevered, and prevailed. They practiced working past mistakes and working through failure to achieve their vision and goals. They learned to “never give up” no matter what was thrown at them.

Where to Start Today

Consider your key life roles. Make a commitment to never give up on your vision and goals for each role. Never give up on your key relationships. Never give up on your professional ambitions. Never give up on your personal pursuits and personal hopes and dreams. Try, fail, and try again. Fail forward. Pursue your vision and goals, and practice pursuing them weekly with pre-week planning. That’s becoming your best.

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

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