This is Where a GREAT Year Begins

Would you like to lead a life by design, rather than by default, in 2024?

The starting point is your written personal vision — and below you’ll find two articles that detail how to develop and improve your vision. Let’s jump into it!

How to Develop a Personal Vision

This article, titled The Cheshire Cat, details how to develop your written personal vision. It’s a simple process of listing your life roles (4-8), and then writing in your vision for each role in 20 words or less.  Follow the guides and examples, and you’ll develop a simple vision that will give you purpose, motivation, and direction in life.

Create a Vision Board

Want to further inspire your imagination with your personal vision? Follow the steps in this article to create a highly impactful vision board using your existing personal vision. A vision board engages both visual and emotional centers, making your personal vision (and goals if you include them) more vivid and compelling. The combination of visual and emotional elements enhances motivation, clarity, and purpose. If you don’t yet have a written personal vision, you can use this article to develop your personal vision as part of the process as well.

Wrapping Up

Your personal vision is the starting point to making 2024 your best year ever! So …

If you don’t have a personal vision, develop it. If you have a personal vision, consider making it into a vision board. And, capture your vision (and goals) in your BYB planner to take your vision and goals into your weekly and daily life. That is living intentionally! That is leading a life by design!

“Vision (noun). The ability to see your purpose, your dreams, your desire, and your tomorrow.”

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