Spring Cleaning for Your Life

What happens if you forget to regularly tune up your car? It breaks down!

Humans are no different.

The stats prove it too: when health and relationships begin to fall out of balance, studies show that productivity can drop by as much as 40 percent.

In the spirit of spring cleaningstraighten up, clean up, and “tune up” your life by using the “circle of peace and balance” in this newsletter. Let this lead into and contribute to a great summer!

Spring Cleaning For Your Life

How do you calibrate your life to find peace, balance, and peak performance? You can use a “tuning tool” called The Circle of Peace and Balance. It’s fairly straightforward (see the instructions below the image):

Simply click the picture above (or, use this pdf), print it out, and circle a number for each area of your life, and trace a line between each circle — you’ll see where you’re doing well and where you need to make changes (tune up your life). That’s very simple!

How to "Tune Up" Your Life

Now that you know the areas of your life that need attention, how do you make changes to restore balance? The most simple and effective way is by pre-week planning.

At the start of each week, look at your life through the lens of roles. Identify what matters most for each role and pay particular attention to those areas of your life that have been out of balance. Determine key priorities that will re-create balance and order in life. Schedule those priorities into your calendar first, and then do what matters most throughout the week. You’ll quickly see balance and peace restored!

Wrapping Up

This simple exercise will help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental health, enhance workplace productivity, promote physical well-being, strengthen relationships, increase life satisfaction and happiness, and cultivate resilience and coping skills. This means a better life and better leadership.

So, we invite you to dedicate 3-5 minutes to using the circle of peace and balance to determine what adjustments your life could use. Call it spring cleaning for your life! Then make adjustments in your pre-week planning to create balance. You’ll bring harmony back to your life and operate at peak performance. That’s becoming your best.

“When I look back on my life, I see that when I’ve been at peace in my mind and my heart, my relationships and my leadership have been at their best.” – Steve Shallenberger

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