Master Your Week, Master Your Year

Imagine waking up on Monday morning, not with dread, but with a roadmap to an epic week. Your goals are clear, your most important priorities are scheduled, and a calm sense of control washes over you.

That’s what the habit of pre-week planning can bring to your 2024 — so learn and master this habit, with tips below, for an amazing new year!

What Is Pre-Week Planning (and How To Do It)?

  1. Review your personal vision and goals
  2. Write out your key life roles
  3. Set key action items / priorities by role
  4. Schedule your priorities into your calendar (before all else)

So, in short, you list your life roles, set your priorities for each role, and then schedule those priorities into your calendar (first). Here is a short video showing what this might look like on a weekly basis:

Why Pre-Week Plan?

Pre-week planning is a powerful tool for anyone seeking personal and professional growth. Those who practice pre-week planning achieve 30-50% more on average, with 100% of test groups reporting less stress, better relationships, and better health.  It empowers you to:

  • Be intentional with your time: Focus on what truly matters most and avoid distractions.
  • Increase your productivity: Get more done in less time and achieve more goals at a quicker pace.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety: Feel calmer and more in control of your week and life.
  • Build momentum and consistency: Create a rhythm that propels you towards your goals and realizing your life vision (leading a life by design).
  • Boost your overall well-being: Experience less stress, more accomplishment, and prioritize time for health and relationships, which gives you greater satisfaction in life.

And, It's Not About Perfection

When you pre-week plan, remember that it is not about perfection. Some of your scheduled priorities won’t get done. You might miss a week here or there. You may have some goals that seem to elude you. That’s okay! The mere practice of imperfect pre-week planning empowers you to live intentionally, achieve 30-50% more on average, prioritize health and relationships, and experience significantly less stress. And that’s the intention.

A Call to Action

So practice the habit of pre-week planning this week, leading into 2024. Start making it a habit. Don’t worry if you do it imperfectly. Look at your life roles each week, determine your key priorities, and schedule them into your calendar. Just do the best you can. It will be one of the most simple and impactful habits you can practice in your life.

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” – Margaret Thatcher

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