Master This Leadership Superpower

Problem solving is a leadership superpower. In fact, a leader’s ability to navigate and resolve problems can be the defining difference between success and failure.

And, this article introduces you to the single most effective process you can learn and use to solve any problem, large or small. So, let’s jump into it!

Why Problem Solving is Relevant

In a multi-year study of 50 global organizations, it was interesting to find that less than 10% had a problem-solving process they teach their leaders and employees. Yet, 82% of them felt like their team members and leaders could improve their problem-solving skills.

How does it manifest? The lack of problem-solving skills and processes manifests as team conflict, miscommunication, missed deadlines, lagging innovation, and low employee morale.

How to Become an Effective Problem Solver

Use a Process

Effective processes provide structured and optimized workflows. They have built-in best practices and tested tactics that generate the very bust results. They incorporate automations that streamline tasks, reduce errors, and significantly enhance productivity. And, processes provide a common language and system for teams — no new learning curves, differing tactics, approach conflict, or miscommunication.

The Problem-Solving Process

Here is the leading problem-solving process, called “The Six-Step Process” that has been adopted, tested, and proven with leading engineering firms, the Dallas Cowboys, construction companies, the Navy, the Air Force, the NSA, and other industry leaders. It follows six steps, and there is a template you can use to apply this process (the full power of this process is realized in completing each step):

  1. Define the vision (desired outcome).
  2. Define the current reality.
  3. Identify the real issue. Is there a gap between the vision and current reality? If so, what are the true root causes for the gap?
  4. Identify the best options. 
  5. Develop and implement a plan of WHO will do WHAT by WHEN.
  6. Debrief and evaluate results.

You can use the free one-page PDF template to follow these six steps and get a plan-in-hand of who will do what by when. You’ll quickly and effectively work through your challenges, big or small, vexing or simple.

Master This Process

You can master each of these six steps using the book Start With the Vision, or by participating in an On-Demand Course or Live Virtual Workshop.

For the most complete mastery of these skills, attend a Live Virtual Workshop. These workshops are facilitated by CEO Rob Shallenberger. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and master these skills with Rob.

“Great leaders first focus on what they want to create (the vision) and then figure out the real issue standing between their current reality and vision.” – Rob Shallenberger

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