Episode 150: How to Create a High Performance Culture with Illens Dort

Rob: All right, welcome back to our Becoming Your Best podcast listeners. This is your host Rob Shallenberger today and welcome to the Becoming Your Best show. This is going to be a fun interview today. We have a person who has been a good friend through the years. He helped coach the soccer team […]

Episode 146 – How to Destroy Your Comfort Zone & Get What You Want!

Rob: All right, welcome back to our Becoming Your Best podcast listeners. Excited to have you with us today on this podcast wherever you’re at in the world. We’ve got an amazing guest with us today and I’ll introduce him here in a few seconds. You know, one of the things that we try to […]

Episode 144 – Beyond the Sizzle with Mona Amodeo

Steve: Welcome to all of our Becoming Your Best podcast listeners, wherever you might be in the world today. This is your host Steve Shallenberger. We’re delighted to have you tuning in and today we have a terrific guest. She is an innovator, a catalyst for transforming organizations into brands that matter. She’s an award […]

Have You Ever Had A Challenge Communicating?

Have you ever had a challenge with communicating with another person? This is one that we hear all the time that is a big issue. How to really effectively communicate with one another? As a matter of fact, research shows that the cost of poor communication within organizations is an average of $26,000 a year […]

Virtual Book Tour – The Transformation Challenge – The 6 Step Process

We’re gonna walk through chapter one together, or step one, of the 6 Step Process. The assumption is that you’ve already invested in or ordered The Transformation Challenge. So step one in the 6 Step Process is to start with the vision, or when applicable, the goal. Why is this such a powerful step? Why […]

The Glory of the Start

This is Steve Shallenberger, welcoming you to this podcast series hosted by Becoming Your Best Global Leadership. We talk a lot about the inspired principle and impact of never giving up, this human will power to push forward. No doubt, this is one of the key principles of success in life. It makes such a […]