A Secret Way to Guarantee Repeat Success and Eliminate Failure

What if there was a way to guarantee that you could repeat successes and eliminate your failures? There is. Let me share with you what fighter pilots use. It’s an incredible community filled with amazing people. After every flight, fighter pilots will get together and they’ll debrief for between maybe one to eight hours, somewhere […]

Employee Engagement and Being Part of a Fun Team

Hey, good morning! Hope you’re having a great day wherever you’re at. I just wanted to share a brief thought with you. I’ve had a couple of conversations this week with different people. One of them couldn’t stand working with the team they were on. They didn’t like being a part of it. It just […]

5 Reasons Jokes Are Totally Appropriate At Work. [Part 2]

Part 1 of this post was published previously. Part 2 begins half way down this post and lists five ways to get people to laugh more where you work. Great leaders know how to laugh. In our office, we appreciate at least one good belly laugh per day. Not only does it make life more […]