Virtual Book Tour – The Transformation Challenge – The 6 Step Process

We’re gonna walk through chapter one together, or step one, of the 6 Step Process.

The assumption is that you’ve already invested in or ordered The Transformation Challenge.

So step one in the 6 Step Process is to start with the vision, or when applicable, the goal.

Why is this such a powerful step? Why is this so different than the masses?

Think about where most people focus their time and energy when there’s an issue or problem. Isn’t it on the problem itself? I mean, think about when people are struggling with an addiction. Where is their time and energy consumed? How about in a company where’s there’s declining sales? Isn’t it easy to get focused in on the problem?

Or how about a struggling relationship with a son or a daughter or even a spouse. Isn’t it easy to get consumed by the problem?

In fact, there is a friend of ours who went through a bitter divorce. The wife was gonna take all five kids. It was a pretty tough environment for him to be in. To the point where he mentioned to my brother that he was thinking about taking his own life.

So my dad went to lunch with this person, who I’ll just call Jim…I’ll make up a name. While they’re sitting there at lunch, for 30 minutes my dad listened to Jim share his problems. And these were real, legitimate issues. I mean, these weren’t things you would put underneath the rug.

At about the 30 minute point, my dad paused the conversation. He asked Jim, “Jim, what is your vision for you?” Pausing and asking that question changed the entire energy and dynamic of the conversation.

Suddenly, there was an energy and a life that came into Jim’s eyes, and he said, “You know what, Steve? I have not thought about that question for more than 18 months.” Tears started welling up in his eyes. That question was a pivot point for Jim. He’s in a different place. He’s no longer contemplating taking his own life. His trajectory and path is so much better and brighter as a result of shifting the playing field to the vision.

That’s exactly what you do in step one of the 6 Step Process. Whatever the issue, problem, or opportunity, describe and articulate what is the starting point of the vision. It’s not “have a better relationship.” It’s have a relationship filled with amazing memories. Where we love being around each other.

See, that’s a lot higher place to start than “have a better relationship.” It’s not to improve sales. It’s to be a part of a dynamic team where we love to come to work, and we’re having our best quarter year ever. Now, that’s a different starting point for the conversation. It brings in positive energy.

Sometimes, there’s a goal to go along with that vision. Other times there’s not. Sometimes you start with the starting point of the vision. In whatever context you’re taking The Transformation Challenge… However, you’re applying the six-step process… I invite you to consider what the vision looks like for that issue.

Edit it until you feel inspired when you look at it and say, “You know what? For this particular issue, I want to be a part of that.” I mean, that gets you excited when you read it and look at it. That’s how you know you’ve got the right starting point. And then you go to step two, which is the current reality. And we’ll do another small video so that we can walk through that step together, as well, in a different format.

If you haven’t already gotten the book, The Transformation Challenge ( When you pre-order the book, you’re gonna get several Fast Action Bonuses for being someone that we want to associate with. It’s our way of over delivering to you. Start thinking about the big issues in your life that you would like to address or improve. Or the opportunities that exist around you. Choose one of those to take The Transformation Challenge and apply our proprietary 6 Step Process. Good luck, and have a wonderful week.

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