Conquer Anxiety


Conquer Anxiety


Conquer Anxiety will give you practical and powerful tools to break anxiety’s grip and live a life filled with confidence, peace, and hope. The amazing adventures of a skilled dragon slayer await as you master the skills to conquer your anxiety and optimize your performance skills.

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“This book offers a fascinating dive into the mental side of performance and the skills necessary for peak performance and growth.

The book carefully unpacks how to design the proper mindset (and one you choose deliberately) for the many types of performances that you do throughout your life.

It also explains how to reinterpret the performances and experiences you’ve already had to gain the maximum value out of each one and develop a positive growth mindset.”


Mia C. Turner

I wanted a transformation in my life and I knew I needed to do something fast to be the best me I can be! I took 8 hours of PTO from my job and read the whole book! It is so doable, even if you break it down by chapters. It is so engaging and realistic! It really helped me with getting back centered in my life and my business. It is definitely one of those books you want to revisit annually, or as needed to be the best you you can be in both your personal and professional life! Thank you Steve, Rob and Jamie for your time and priceless gift to us:-)!

Sonja Reynolds

I’m a private music instructor (French Horn). I took Dr. Skidmore’s course at BYU (96?), and have seen him do presentations at large events (think symposium). I recently hired him to do a multiple-session clinic with my studio, and provided a copy of his book to each student.

I’ve been using this book with my daughter to help her learn not only to MANAGE her anxiety, but to CONQUER it. There’s a big difference.

A. Greathouse

I can’t think of a more timely book release. I had Dr. Skidmore’s Psychology of Music Performance class my senior year of college many years ago. I was delighted to hear that he wrote a book. Whether you have stage fright or are feeling the anxious malaise that everyone seems to have during lockdown, we all need the tools to conquer anxiety. I’m using the Five Stages of Peak Performance with my own little home based comedy troupe. We will survive the teenage years…somehow.

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