Do What Matters Most Participant Kit


The Do What Matters Most Participant Kit is the complete set of resources for Do What Matters Most training participants. These tools take participants from theory to practice. Participants will have everything they need to develop a Personal Vision, set Roles and Goals, and Do What Matters Most through pre-week planning. The kit makes it simple for participants to apply these skills and habits on a daily, weekly, & annual basis and see real results in their personal productivity, time management, relationships, and well-being.

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  • The Book Do What Matters Most
  • The Do What Matters Most Participant Guide
  • Becoming Your Best Weekly Planner (Complete Annual Edition)
  • Do What Matters Most On-Demand Course with Rob Shallenberger
Kits are generally purchased by Do What Matters Most Certified Trainers for their training participants. If you are a certified trainer, this is where you purchase kits; if you are not a certified trainer, your kit order may be declined. If you’d like to become a certified Do What Matters Most Trainer, feel free to reach out to us at 888-690-8764 or with questions.