Episode 17: Moving to Transformational Leadership

Episode Summary

In our modern-day and age, it’s all too easy to go through life interacting with people only in transactions. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, it is so incredibly important as leaders that we focus on leaving a legacy of greatness through transformational interactions.


As we enter a fabulous new year, it’s always nice to set your foundational intentions and goals for the year ahead. Since you’re already tuning in to this podcast, you’re probably already working towards making this year your best yet. But to help you along your journey, we decided to share two quick stories about two different men who had experiences that altered the course of their lives with transformational interactions.


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Rob Shallenberger

CEO, Becoming Your Best

Leading authority on leadership and execution, F-16 Fighter Pilot, and father

Steve Shallenberger

Founder, Becoming Your Best
CEO, executive, corporate trainer, and community leader.
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