Control What You Can Control (21-Day Challenge)

A team member’s five-year old child recently spilled their full cereal bowl. When the parent asked what happened, the child angrily shouted, “Ugh! It’s not my fault! It’s your fault!” The parent responded, “How is that my fault?” “You put my cereal bowl too close to me.”

When your figurative “cereal bowls” of adulthood spill, do you scream out, “Not my fault, your fault!” Or, are you accountable and do you accept responsibility?

In a society suffering from a blame-game epidemic, use the 21-day challenge to rise above it and develop complete “blame-game” immunity.

What is Accountability

Accountability is taking ownership and accepting responsibility. It is saying, “I am responsible,” and focusing on what you can control (control what you can control), regardless of the circumstance.

Why Accountability Matters

When we are accountable we shift our mindset from one of victimization and blaming to one of ownership and responsibility. We take control and ownership of the world around us instead of letting the world around us take control and ownership of us.

21-Day Challenge

In some BYB workshops, we’ve invited people to focus on what they can control for 21 days – and it’s radically changed a number of lives.

What does this mean? This means no blaming and no excuses for 21 days. Period.

This means taking total ownership of thoughts, actions, and words. Blaming is not allowed. Excuses are not allowed. Criticism is not allowed. None. In your mind and out loud simply say, “I am responsible,” and focus on what you can control to remedy and improve a situation or circumstance. Control what you can control. This removes victimization and casting blame from your mind.

Where does this apply? With your personal health and well-being, take ownership. With your relationships and happiness, take ownership. With your finances and financial future, take ownership. With your professional performance and ambitions, take ownership. Control what you can control, and be fully accountable, without blaming or excuses, for 21 days.

Give yourself the thrill of victory over yourself. Feel the excitement of focusing on what you can control. You will feel truly liberated as you take ownership of your life and remove blame and excuses.

That’s becoming your best, as an individual and leader.

“Even when there’s a reason to blame someone else or there’s merit to your blame, taking responsibility for your life and actions gives you a starting point for moving forward.” – Steve Shallenberger

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