Accountability for Breakthrough Leadership

What is accountability, why is it important, and how can you become accountable as a leader? This isn’t a minor leadership attribute. Becoming accountable is often one of the largest breakthroughs in the development of a leader. 

Take the survey below to evaluate how accountable you are as a leader.

What is Accountability?

Accountability is ownership and responsibility. It means you take responsibility for your life, your actions, your thoughts, and your results. As a leader it’s taking ownership and responsibility for the results, actions, mindset, skillset, culture, and morale of your people and organization.

Excuse making, blaming, accusing, name calling, criticizing, and inaction are the antithesis of accountability and the hallmark red flags that there is a lack of accountability.

Why is Accountability Important?

When you are accountable you shift your mindset from one of victimization and blaming to one of ownership and responsibility. You take control and ownership of the world around you instead of letting the world take control and ownership of you.

In business and life, yes, unexpected things happen that may or may not be your fault. What is important is that you are accountable, focus on what you can control, and take ownership. This is empowering and liberating. This drives peak performance.

Survey – Are You Accountable

Do I take responsibility …
Or, do I make excuses …
How often do I make excuses?

Do I do what I say I will …
Or, do I drop the ball  …

Do I arrive early and on time …
Or, am I hit or miss depending on the day …

Am I always prepared ..
Or, am I usually missing something …

Do I effectively manage my time …
Or, does my schedule own me …

Do I have a vision and goals that drive me …
Or, am I just along for the ride …

Do I responsibly manage feelings …
Or, do my feelings control me …

Chances are that when you read that list there were some questions where you said, “I’m really good at that!” Good for you! You are solid in those areas. Keep that up!

And, there were probably one or more where you said, “Hmmm, I could work on that one.”

How to Be Accountable

Choose one area of your life where you’ve tended to come up with excuses, blame, or shift responsibility. Choose to take ownership and responsibility of that part of your life – today and this upcoming week.

We invite you to have a no-excuses week and a no-blaming week. Don’t allow yourself (because you’re in control and accountable) to buy into an excuse or shift blame elsewhere. Today through next week.

Instead, when you find yourself wanting to excuse yourself or blame someone, repeat one of these two phrases to yourself:

“I am responsible.” “I own this.” That’s leading life by design. That’s becoming your best.

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.” – Dr. Robert Anthony

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