How Your Words Can Shape A Positive Reality

Hey, my name is Rob Shallenberger. I’m standing on the roof of our office on a beautiful spring day overlooking the mountains.

I want to share with you a brief story. Something I’ve captured over the last three years and have been thinking about. it has really come to the forefront of my mind in the last month or two. It stemmed from this thought of our words. How powerful are our words and our thoughts? And this was particularly manifest about, oh, a month or so ago. I was walking, having a conversation with some friends, talking with them, and one of them said, “Every time, about this time of year, I get sick.” Sure enough, he got sick.

I thought, how powerful our words really are! Words, are simply a reflection of our thoughts. So let me give you an example of a few different words, phrases, and what those can look like contrasted with other phrases, words, and thoughts. And as I share these with you, think about your own internal dialogue. What does that look like? In sales, I have found that this is one of the greatest predictors of success, the internal dialogue. As a mother or father, what does that internal dialogue look like inside your mind?

So here are a few examples. Have you ever heard someone say “things never work out for me”? Or, “man, how come that kind of stuff always happens to so-and-so, that never happens to me”? Or, “oh, I hate Mondays.”? I mean even watching that short clip, how did that make you feel when you hear those words? What often tends to happen, in my experience, is those words become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now let me contrast those with some other words. For example Jamie, our VP of Business Development, walks in every morning and says this, “Today is going to be a great day!”. Or he might walk in and say, “Everything is working in our favor.” One of those two phrases everyday and it brings an energy to the office. Imagine the impact of this in our homes! What does the vocabulary and the words look like in our homes?

Here is the real question, and what has caused me to think deeply the last couple of months… If every word you spoke became a reality, how careful would you be with your words?

If you said, “so-and-so’s an idiot,” and they were going to become an idiot, would you say those words? You know, we would probably be much more careful with our words and our vocabulary.

What I’ve found, as often times words, as I’ve mentioned earlier, are a reflection of our thoughts. Those thoughts and those words combined together tend to cause a result around us. If we’re not happy. If you’re not satisfied with where you are in life right now, financially, just your well-being generally, emotionally inside. Maybe, first start looking more at what are our thoughts? Then, what are our words? Do the thoughts and words that you’re using contribute to that success? Or, to that setback, that feeling that you’re having on the other side?

So, just a thought I wanted to share with you, something that’s really stood out to me lately.

If you didn’t already know about it our next Break Through Leadership Conference. It is October 12th-13th at the beautiful Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah. We’d love to have you there. This is just a small sample of some things you’ll get at the Break To Leadership Conference.

So, wishing you a great day from a beautiful spring day in Utah.

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