Episode 39: How to Make More Money AND Keep it in Your Pocket

Episode Summary

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I could get out of debt if only I made more money,” or, “I’ll save for retirement later,” then this episode is for you! Spending too much, saving too little, and not planning for the future are all habits, and those habits don’t go away just because you start making more money. That’s often why there’s nothing left over with which to work toward getting out of debt and getting ahead, even though your salary has increased.

Getting rid of debt and saving for the future are intimidating topics, but listening to this episode will give you a plan. Move forward, regain control over your finances, and take back your life! Tune in to learn how!


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Rob Shallenberger

CEO, Becoming Your Best

Leading authority on leadership and execution, F-16 Fighter Pilot, and father

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