Doing an Ordinary Job In an Extraordinary Way

Hey, good morning! It is a beautiful day here in sunny Utah. You can see the snow-covered mountains behind us here. And I just wanted to take a couple of minutes and share an experience with you that really can hopefully have a big impact in your life or the lives of the people around you.

You know, it’s not uncommon to hear people either complaining about their job or talking about, you know, “The woe is me, how come I can’t do better, how come I’m not this, how come things aren’t happening to me?” Well, let me share with you an experience, that I had about a month ago, of someone doing an ordinary job and doing it in an extraordinary way, and the happiness that came from that and how much, honestly, how much more money they make doing something ordinary in an extraordinary way.

So we landed in San Diego to go to a ball game. It was the Poinsettia Bowl. And we got off the plane, went out, stood in line for the rental car shuttle, and then pile in. And it was a pretty full shuttle. And what do people do on the shuttle most of the time? They go heads down, they start looking at their phones, right? Well, this was different. As soon as the doors closed, we heard, over the intercom, the shuttle driver say, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna be your private tour guide for the next 10 minutes. So welcome to San Diego.” And some people looked up from their phones and thought, “Who is this guys?”

And he started cracking jokes. He started pointing out things around him. “Did you know, folks, in 1870, off to your right, this is the first whale did this and that.” And all of a sudden, people started putting down their phones. He had my attention. So I started listening, watching the people. And sure enough, they all started to engage. They started laughing. They started following along with him. So here’s a driver doing something extraordinary that most other people would say is a mundane, boring job. They don’t get paid very much. And so I started to really watch, because I’ve been in so many organizations where the customer experience is a huge deal.

And as soon as he pulled up to the curb and people started filing off the bus, I watched countless people, and there’s probably 70 people on this bus, countless people walk up to him and say, “Hey, thank you for the ride. That was just incredible.” And they started handing him $5 and $10-tips. We did the same thing. So I’m just quietly watching, and he probably made somewhere around $100 on that 10-minute ride. So here’s someone who’s doing an ordinary job in an extraordinary way.

And what I’ve seen over and over is that companies can replicate that. When you get your employees and your co-workers thinking about the right way to create the customer experience, it changes everything. And so for additional ideas and things that you can do within your team right now, put in your name and information in the form below here, on the page, and we’ll reach out and contact you with some specific ideas that you can use. In an organization, when we work with a company, or for those who attend the Breakthrough Leadership Conference, there are 22 specific things that you can do to create a world-class customer experience. And as easy as they may sound, very few people do them. And the ones that do are the people who get this kind of results, like the driver.

So hey, I just wanted share that story with you, and hope you have a great day.

a great day.

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