Episode 188 – How to Find Peace and Happiness

Rob Shallenberger: Good morning or good afternoon! This is Rob Shallenberger, your friend, your host today, and wherever you’re at in the world, the hope is from us that you’re having a great day! We just looked at a map of people who listen to this podcast and there are very few countries that are […]

Episode 172 – The Extraordinary Value of Compound Impact (VCI)

Steve Shallenberger: Welcome to our Becoming your Best Podcast, listeners, wherever you may be in the world today! This is your host, Steve Shallenberger, and to introduce this subject, today, I would like to share a story about how one word can make a difference. Have you had this experience where you just have something […]

Episode 164 – The Miracle of Change, Forgiveness, and Love

The ice storm that winter wasn’t generally destructive true a few wires came down and there was a sudden jump in accidents along the highway and normally the big walnut tree could easily have borne the weight that formed on its spreading limbs. It was the iron wedge in its heart that caused the damage. […]

Communication on a Scale of 1-10

Welcome to our listeners wherever you might be in the world today! This is Steve Shallenberger with Becoming Your Best. Remember, every single one of us is a leader. We’re leading our own lives. We provide leadership within the relationships that we have both professionally and within our families. And of course, within our teams. […]

Building a Vibrant Culture Course 101 – Lessons from the Japanese Bee

Greetings to our “Becoming Your Best” listeners, wherever you might be in the world today. This is Steve Shallenberger, your host. Today, I’d like to talk a little bit about nature. Nature has the ability to teach us many lessons that we can apply in our own personal life, with our teams, our families, our […]

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