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“Amazing. This four-hour workshop saved our company more than $1 million dollars!”

David J. Price


There’s no substitute for hands-on experience. During a customized workshop for your group, attendees will get real-world experience with powerful tools to help them breakthrough performance barriers and accomplish what they may have previously thought was impossible. Imagine the impact of highly engaged employees and great leaders who ignite a fire in their team, a clear strategy that gets people excited, and a culture that drives innovation and profitability.

Your team will leverage cutting-edge techniques and tools to transform their results. Our Executive Consultants work side-by-side with your team to identify and remove performance barriers, develop an effective strategy to break through your real-world issues, and create an actionable Success Rhythm for your organization to eliminate silos and accelerate results. These workshops will give your organization an immediate ROI and a sustainable blueprint for continuous performance improvement.

Planning & Execution Workshop
Planning & Execution Workshop
“When we’re faced with any challenge, we use the Six Step Process and walk away with enthusiasm and a clear path forward.”
Casey Davis, Regional Manager
"The Six Steps to Planning & Execution saved us a huge amount of work and money."
Julie Richardson, CEO

Have you ever felt like people are wandering and stuck trying to figure out how to move forward? Imagine the impact if your team were to perform at their highest level and blow past their goals because everyone was aligned and people knew exactly who was supposed to do what by when.

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Chapter or Forum Events
Chapter or Forum Events
“Rated a 9.8, this was our best event of the year! Filled with huge take-home value.”
YPO Northwest Chapter
“This was the best chapter event I’ve been a part of in the last 10 years!”
EO New York City

In our fast paced society, it’s easier than ever to be transactional rather than transformational. Yet, it’s the transformational leader who gets real, long-lasting results. After hundreds of interviews, we’ve identified what sets apart great leaders and high achievers from everyone else. This power packed event is unlike any you have ever participated in and will give your chapter members the tools to transform their personal life, their family, and their business!

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Customized Workshop
Customized Workshop
“This workshop was exactly what our team needed! It helped us see past the blind spots that we didn’t even know were there!”
Jim Amos, Division Manager
“Thank you for an amazing day. You blew me and the team away!”
Sean Kell, President & CEO

Every organization has different needs at different points in the business cycle. You can customize your experience based on where you see the biggest need right now. No matter what you choose, a workshop is one of the best ways to bring your team together and develop actionable ideas and plans to move forward.

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