What Type of Employee Are You?

I had an interesting experience this week that I wanted to share with you. In the hopes that it will help you and your business and with your team.

Now there are two types of employees. See, what type of employee you might be more like? Or maybe your coworkers are more like? How we can all become more like employee B. About three weeks ago I ordered or invested, in an outdoor furniture set. I’m so excited to get this set because I’ve been tracking it along. The order status hasn’t changed from processing, so I get frustrated. You know, I’m so excited for the set and it’s getting cold. About a week ago I followed up with their customer service. I talked with employee A. Employee A’s response was, “There’s nothing we can do, you’re gonna have to wait. Whenever it gets there, it will get there.”

Okay, well, that’s not the answer that any of us hopes to hear, is it? I called back a couple of days later because nothing changed. I’m talking with employee B, totally different experience. Employee B says to me, “You know what? This has already been a waste of your time, I’m so sorry. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this together.” And so she brings her supervisor on the line, Megan. So Megan and her together said, “You know what? We need to talk with the distribution manager. We’re gonna call the third party shipper directly. We’re gonna solve this for you, and we’re gonna call you back at 5:00 P.M. this afternoon with a plan.” And sure of that is exactly what they did. I thought, “What a different contrast between employees in the very same company and what a different feeling it gave to me.”

So what’s the final resolution in all of this? They gave me a 10% discount on the service and refunded my credit card 10%. Employee B was a pleasure and a delight to work with. And has now garnished that company a five-star rating from me. Whereas before it certainly would have been different. So the question is, what kind of customer experience are you giving to your customer? Are you returning calls quickly? Are the calls being answered? Are you pleasant to be with on the phone, or in person when they meet with you? And what does that customer experience look like?

I hope this short little tip has been inspiring to you in some way. Remember this! Companies that prioritize the customer experience will realize 60% higher profits than their competitors.

For more tips and ideas on what you can do to enhance your customer experience visit the Enter your first name and your email.

Have a great week!

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