What Being A BYB Leader Means To You!

In today’s episode Rob discusses what being an BYB Leader means to you. Becoming and being a BYB is a movement that is greater than any single person.

Becoming Your Best Manifesto

Join the Becoming Your Best movement!

BYB leaders are a new breed of leaders who are no longer satisfied with mediocrity!

BYB leaders strive daily to be their very best in each area of their life and treat others right.

BYB Leaders are committed to excellence and find a way to do the impossible.

BYB Leaders are confident, optimistic, and determined to make a positive difference in their homes, schools, organizations and the world. Negativity, pessimism, and complaining have no part in their lives.

BYB Leaders know that they don’t have to comprise their personal life or family to be successful.

We are a part of the Becoming Your Best family…WE ARE LEADERS!

A BYB Leader:

1. Is true to character.

2. Leads with a vision.

3. Manages with a plan.

4. Prioritizes their time.

5. Lives the Golden Rule in business and in life.

6. Builds and Maintains trust.

7. Is an effective communicator and listener.

8. Innovates through imagination.

9. Is accountable.

10. Constantly seeks new knowledge.

11. Lives in peace and balance.

12. Never gives up.



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