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Discover what clients and world renowned leaders have to say about why Becoming Your Best training can make such a significant difference personally , as a team, and as an organization!

Becoming your Best is very special indeed. Steve masterfully teaches how to blend all of the variables that you control, with eternal principles of success. He also helps people to see that they can control vastly more variables than they would ever believe. I believe this will positively change who you become. It will make you more successful in any pursuit, but more importantly, it will help turn you into the person you might otherwise only dream of becoming. I think that anyone who incorporates these teachings, will like themselves better and deservedly so because, they will become their best. Steve is a walking success story of his teachings. He is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. What a treasure to be able to learn from him. “

Blake M. Roney
Founder and Chairman, Nu Skin

“I cannot begin to thank you enough for your presentation last weekend. If I could affect change within one person’s life, then I did my job. I can tell you that you changed many lives that day. Here is just one attendees comments, ‘I’ve been to many of these types of events over the years, but this is the cream of the crop!’

My team and I have already begun the process of implementing the many creative tools you shared with us that day. Well done!”

Michael P. Comet
President/CEO, Pepsi-Cola CU Bottling Co.

“We would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your presentation. Our team of managers and directors had glowing remarks. Our team commented specifically on the professionalism of the presentation and how the content resonated with them on a personal and professional level. Of equal importance was the manner by which they felt engaged every step of the way. I have attended many seminars, conferences, and keynotes in the past. None have left, nor will continue to leave, the lasting impression you and Becoming Your Best have left me.”

Steve Mena
VP of Operations, Premier Healthcare Services

“Our sincerest thanks for taking time with our managers. Your portion of our training ranked #1 in reviews following the training. We simply cannot thank you enough for the breakthroughs. There was energy in the group that hasn’t been present in other trainings. Even into the third day there was a buzz about your words of wisdom and a palpable spirit of renewed motivation.

Your mix of FUN and impactful principles was enlightening and entertaining. My people and I felt like the time came and went too soon. What a great program and team!”

Mark Holland
CEO/President, Intermountain Staffing

“I was first influenced positively by Steve Shallenberger thirty one years ago and can say with confidence that the principles taught in Becoming Your Best will provide you a fool proof roadmap on how to excel in life. Whether you’re interested in becoming the best coach, athlete, spouse, parent or the best in your career, you need look no further than applying what is taught in Becoming Your Best. The world, as well as those you love deserve your best.”

Dallin A. Larsen
Founder, MonaVie Inc.

“The Becoming Your Best seminar was the most exciting seminar I’ve ever attended in my life! Thank you for developing this marvelous seminar and book which is a life changer!”

Agnes Lachica-Macapia
Director of Sales, P.J. Lhuillier, Philippines

“I was lucky enough to have attended a short version of BYB presented by Rob months ago. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to bring him for a full day to speak to my entire management team… it was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching my team engaged completely for almost eight hours. That’s a testimony to the great subject matter and a wonderful job of presenting the material by Rob. I love his sincere enthusiasm for the topic and it serves as a contagious ingredient in what was a wonderful day. We look forward to having him back!!!”

Parham Parastaran
CEO, Nona Inc.

“For the past eighteen years, I have hired hundreds of speakers. Over the years, one speakers message runs into the next and the thrill of hearing speakers’ presentations and messages has dulled. Yet when I read and listened to Steve Shallenberger’ s Becoming Your Best, I knew he was different and that I had to hire him and bring his message to my YPO client – Global One. It was unique, different than any other message, and extremely inspiring and actionable! Everyone needs to hear this message.”

Samantha Borland
Chapter Director, YPO Global One Chapter

“The type of stuff you talked about is rarely discussed in the business world, yet it covers many aspects which are CRITICAL to any successful business! Indeed our time together was inspiring and will help take our company to the next level!
It was an unforgettable experience!”

Diane Venner
Human Resources Manager, Intercontinental Trust

“Becoming Your Best was very well received by all of us at LUX Resorts. The content and dynamic presentation were indeed inspiring. We believe the Guiding Constants will definitely bring about a positive change in our personal lives, relationships, and our professional roles as leaders. The Guiding Constant about Build and Maintain Trust is of particular significance in delivering our promise to our guests. Thank you for sharing your passion and inspiring all of us. I will gladly recommend you to other companies looking for leadership and personal development!”

Paul Jones
CEO, Lux Resorts

“This seminar came at the right time. Tomorrow my journey starts. A personal journey full of promise because I commit to start living the principles and use the BYB Success Formula. The best part of the seminar was seeing the impact the training had on the people who attended. I know they are will continue to be changed people. Thank you very much!!!”

Aline Kabanda
Rwanda Country Director, Akilah Institute for Women

“The presenter’s enthusiasm, insightful strategies, mix of audio, video, and paper-based delivery channels, and audience participation activities kept our team engaged, energized, and intrigued. It was a true learning experience for our team, and helped us define excellence at Hickory Point Bank..We anticipate that this investment will assist the bank on its journey to become Central Illinois’ best bank.”

Anthony G. Nestler
President and CEO, Hickory Point Bank

“The Six Steps of Planning and Execution made my day. When I went home, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I used this process to analyze the reasons why I was so stressed at work and now I have a plan to help me prioritize my time so that I can be more effective and avoid running crazy. Thank you for changing my life!”

Aimee Akayezu
Enterprise Program Officer, Digital Opportunity Trust

“Thank you so much for coming out to Pasadena! We had record attendance thanks to your reputation and you did not let us down. Members and their spouses were engaged, entertained, and educated all at the same time. It was truly an inspiring event! I received a lot of accolades thank to the both of you.
I am glad that our session not only covered being a successful leader/manager, but also how to become your best as an individual, with our families, friends, and faith.
The Guiding Constants are fabulous and I look forward to the weekly reminders!”

Michael W. Perry
Chairman and CEO, Raubhil LLC

“That was one of the most inspiring events we’ve ever attended. It was very lively, interactive and got the audience involved.
We would not hesitate to recommend you to any company. Your material can make a difference in many lives and organizations around the world.
Thanks again for spending the day with us. It was an unforgettable experience!”

Bertrand Abraham
Chief Human Resources Officer, Velogic

“Thank you so much for sharing with our team the these principles. These are very powerful principles in both our professional and personal lives.
The program was enlightening and energizing for the management team! Everyone came out feeling that they could really make a difference. That awareness alone is amazing.
We hope to work with you again soon!”

Heba Capdevila
Executive Director of Development & Strategy, Taylor Smith Group

“On behalf of the California Inland Empire Chapter, I want to thank you for the excellent keynote presentation! I want to compliment you for the excellent pre-planning provided which helped make my job so much easier and maximized the take-home value for each attendee.
Your introduction of the Guiding Constants and dynamic presentation were outstanding, as evidenced by the strong audience participation and feedback.
As you were able to see, you impacted our members’ lives. Thank you for your hard work and preparation!”

David A. Herrera
President, Cam Services

“What a pleasure it was having you speak to our chapter. Our members are still reciting key moments from the presentation and continuing to integrate your techniques in their everyday lives!
It is often the case that both business AND personal lives are not discussed as one cohesive unit, but rather two separate entities. Our members can truly relate to everything you discussed and it was spot on for that they’re all about.
Your presentations, activities, and workbook truly inspired! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and wisdom. It is our hope to work with you again soon and we would certainly recommend you to any company.”

Zack Zalon
Ed Chair, YPO Beverly Hills Chapter

“This seminar has been amazing. Having you here was a blessing. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a journey of reflection, questioning, and inspiration.”

Lydie Hakizimana
CEO, Drakkar LTD

“I am so grateful that you took the time to travel and meet with the people that will forever remember the insight you have shared. THANK YOU!!
You are a true inspiration! I am certain everyone in attendance would that you were not exaggerating when you said you will help us break through the barriers that hold us back so we can discover ways to become our best!
I was overjoyed with the positive feedback from my group and I have eagerly shared what I learned from your event. We all thank you for dedicating your life to making a difference in the lives of others and we look forward to working with you again in the future!
Because of you, I know I personally feel refreshed, inspired and motivated to do great things. I feel I have gained a tremendous amount of new insight, and most notably, a new friend!”

Laura A. Nestler
Executive Vice President, Omni

“I cannot find the best word to thank you enough for bringing in Becoming your Best training. My life has changed. I loved the first part about transformational leadership. I discovered that need to be true to character, lead with a vision, manage with a plan, and prioritize my time. I can now say that I’ll sart the journey with confidence and the right tools in my hands. Thanks for enlightening my life, career, my family, and for saving my future!”

Donat Nishyirembere
Founder & CEO, Startoday Rwanda

“Have you ever felt you could improve in certain areas of your life – and that such improvement could have a significant impact on your personal effectiveness and happiness? Have you ever felt you could do better in your relationships? Becoming Your Best is about helping to build strong individuals, strong relationships, and strong leaders and managers. It contains powerful principles and tools that can help anyone or any organization become the best they can be!”

Dr. Stephen R. Covey
Best-Selling Author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

“Whatever your profession or background, Becoming Your Best provides a masterful approach. It’s filled with real-life, inspirational stories as well as powerful tools that an individual, family, or organization can immediately implement.”

Jack Canfield
Co-Author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul®

“I’ve worked with thousands of speakers who have amazing ideas. Steve and his team have developed something powerful in Becoming Your Best. Every person, family, or organization needs to attend a live Becoming Your Best event and read the book. It’s a game changer!”

James Malinchak
Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire", Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

“Performing a leading role in The Phantom of the Opera demanded my best every single night, so I’ve been committed to personal and professional development for many years. Becoming Your Best offers a unique step-by-step process that will teach you how to give a Broadway-caliber performance in your life and business!”

Sandra Joseph
Broadway star of "The Phantom of the Opera" and co-author of Your Creative Soul: Expressing Your Authentic Voice

“As an author and leading authority of motivation and positive self-talk, I can attest thatBecoming Your Best teaches something powerful. It can benefit any indiviaul or organization! Many people talk about ways to improve, but the team at Becoming Your Best is unique because they actually provide an actionable, organized blueprint to help anyone achieve their best. Becoming Your Best is not only motivational and inspirational, but they give you the specifics on how to take action!”

Michal Y. Noah, PhD
Author of renowned children's book: A - Z The Universe in Me

“In the NBA, I watched people achieve their dreams. Becoming Your Best is a powerful message that can help anyone improve individually, improve your relationships, and improve your organization. The Guiding Constants are the result of years of research and are totally unique in the world. If you want to improve yourself and your organization, Becoming Your Best is your solution!”

Stephen Bardo
ESPN College Basketball Analyst, Former NBA Star, and Author

“What is offered in Becoming Your Best is a powerful and simple approach. It’s obvious Steve has taken years of research and effort and provided a one-stop solution. The unique approach taught in Becoming Your Best can be used by an individual, family, or an organization. I invite you to feel the power of Becoming Your Best!”

Anson Dorrance
Women's Soccer Coach, North Carolina, 22 Time Collegiate National Champion

Becoming Your Best not only invites careful thought about first principles, but offers generous wisdom from a lifetime of experience to make them live in your life.”

Joseph Grenny
Best Selling co-author of Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change and Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High.

“Steve Shallenberger has been an inspiring leader in several companies and three different industries, while at the same time being highly sought after as a guide to others through their own businesses and personal development. Becoming Your Best is the distillation of that lifetime of experience into a set of clear, timeless principles from which all of us can learn how to develop and sustain excellence. It’s the most valuable time you will spend with a book or training this year!”

Randal Quarles
Managing Director, The Carlyle Group, and former Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

Becoming Your Best has made such an amazing difference in my life and the lives of all the associates I work with. It is a system that is invaluable and has such a profound impact in so many areas in my professional and personal life. I use this system with my office staff continously and they are always amazed at the results. The Guiding Constants are a way of life for me and by using them on a daily basis, they have brought me a life of happiness and joy!”

Julie Richardson
CEO, Energy Efficiency Inc.

Becoming Your Best provides simple, yet compelling, strategies to dramatically improve your effectiveness, level of accomplishment and personal satisfaction in the way you go about doing it. I highly recommend Becoming Your Best for corporate leaders!”

Bob Marquardt
President, Management & Training Corporation

“A must for anyone looking to lead themselves and others through a transformation of success in life, family, and business.”

James D. Murphy
Author Flawless Execution and Founder/CEO Afterburner Inc.

“Our great friend Steve Shallenberger is a positive influence on everyone he meets. He’s distilled the principles which have steered his own life into the Guiding Constants andBecoming Your Best training.”

Richard and Linda Eyre
New York Times #1 Bestselling Authors
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