Inspired Vision. Engaged People. Outstanding Results.

It is both the mindset and skillset that sets apart high achievers and great leaders!

Attend a public, open-enrollment workshop. These events are a perfect no-risk way to experience the Becoming Your Best content for yourself. This open enrollment option is a great opportunity for you and/or your team to step away for a day and focus on your success and results.

Whether you are looking for additional tools and ideas to accelerate performance in your own life or you are a Talent Development leader evaluating new and exciting content for your organization, this experience is for you. If you are considering certification this workshop allows you to participate in the program and observe the power of the content in action.

“I personally feel refreshed, inspired and motivated. You were not exaggerating when you said you will help us break through the barriers that hold us back.”

Laura – Executive Vice President, Omni Communications

What is Included for Each Attendee:

   A power-packed participant guide with 30+ team activities
   A quick reference sheet with the Becoming Your Best Leadership Model
   A copy of the National Bestselling book: Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders.


Upcoming Leadership Workshops and Dates:

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