What is the Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect is the foundation of the scientific method. It says that for every effect there is a cause. If you find the cause, you can create the effect.

Why Is It Important?

Financial success is an effect. Great relationships are an effect. Longevity and vibrant health is an effect. Professional success is an effect.

Failure or success in these areas is not a function of luck, but of cause. If you know the cause, you can produce the effect.

How to Use the Law of Cause and Effect

For financial success, spend less than you make, & invest your surplus prudently. Maximize your earnings by becoming among the very best in your field.

How do you become among the very best in your field? Apply the 12 Principles of Highly Successful leaders that are found in the book and course of the same name. These 12 Principles come from 40 years of research and you’ll see the effect in your life.

How do you create strong relationships? Be true to character, live the golden rule, build and maintain trust, and learn to effectively communicate.

Want to lead a life by design? Or simply do more with less stress? Develop a written personal vision, set roles & goals, and most importantly, pre-week plan. These are the causes that produce the effect.

“Rather than studying the laws of cause and effect, people spend their lives being the effect and running from the cause.” Eugene J Martin

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