The Power of “The One”

Have you ever set – and achieved – an ambitious, wonderful goal? How did it feel?

Have you ever strove against the odds to find success?

Achieving goals isn’t easy. But it’s worth it.

That’s why we invite you today to focus on “the one!”

What Is “The One”?

“The one” is a single goal you can work on or accomplish this upcoming week – just one goal. What one goal would you like to accomplish or come closer to accomplishing this upcoming week? That’s “the one” for you.

Want Some Examples?

If an example would be helpful, you may set a professional goal such as, “Visit our 5 most valuable clients this week,” or “Do personal well-being interviewers with each team member.” You may set a personal goal such as “Run 15 miles total this week,” “Drink 5 green smoothies this week,” or “Start my 30-day core challenge.” You may have a simple relationship goal for this week: “Go on a date with my significant other,” or “Plan a family vacation – set the date and make reservations!” What’s your goal? Go get it 🙂

Why Focus on the One?

Striving to achieve a goal is what separates the “top achievers” from the average. People are 90% more likely to accomplish something (be successful) when they have a clearly set and written goal. So, consider why you should start right now with just “one goal”:

  • It’s the easiest place to start with the greatest likelihood of success
  • One goal is incredibly easy to stay focused on (and be excited about)
  • Striving for “one goal” breaks you free from day-to-day routines and the status quo
  • By having “just one goal,” you completely change your mindset to be “goal oriented”
  • If annual goals have fallen into the abyss of time, resurrect at least one goal today
  • By accomplishing just one goal, you’ll be so thrilled, you’ll want to set and achieve another!

And, everybody – including you – is capable of setting just one goal – “the one” and striving to complete it. So, why not?

So Now What?

It’s time to be a go-getter, achiever, and doer. If you have a written personal vision and roles and goals, pull them out and review them (if you don’t, take a moment to think about what one goal would motivate you). What “one goal” would align with your roles and goals and personal vision?

Use your planner, your calendar, your journal, or a simple sheet of paper — wherever you’ll see it regularly — to write down your one goal.

Then go get it! Pursue it relentlessly! Break through the barriers of the every day and the mundane with this “one step” forward. Achieve it. That’s becoming your best this upcoming week.

“There will never be a more perfect time to pursue your dreams and goals than right now.” – Kobe Bryant

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