The GOAT’s #1 Superpower

What do Warren Buffett, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan, Gandhi, Jackie Joyner‑Kersee, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, and other GOATS (greatest of all time) have in common?

They learned discipline to achieve success. They are masters of discipline. Could discipline be their #1 skill (their superpower) for achieving greatness? Yes, and it can be for you too.

What is Discipline

Discipline is doing the right thing, at the right time, regardless of how you feel.

Discipline is the power to change.

Why Discipline Matters

Discipline is the deciding skill between financial struggles and financial success. Discipline often separates those who retire wealthy from those who retire poor.

Discipline is the deciding skill between eating healthy and eating your way to poor health and lethargy. Discipline is the deciding skill in achieving physical goals that take your mind and body to levels you never thought possible. Discipline empowers and enables you to develop healthy habits that take you happily into your golden years.

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Discipline is the deciding skill in being among the very best in your industry and profession or being among the masses of the average. Discipline is the bedrock skill that unlocks your leadership potential and capacity.

Discipline separates those who are victims to bad habits and those who develop good habits.

How to Develop Discipline

Developing discipline is like developing a muscle. It requires desire, focus, consistent practice, a plan, and concentrated effort.

So, where and how do you start? Answer these two questions:


  1. What area of my life could use some discipline? Consider your vision, goals, and key life roles to answer this question.
  2. In that key area, what’s one easy way to practice discipline (e.g., budgeting, exercising, eating right, waking up on time, making sales calls, meeting deadlines, etc.)?
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Find the area of life where you need discipline (question one) and one way you can easily practice discipline (question two) in that area of your life. Start simple, start with focus, and execute on that one thing.

Add your commitment to your pre-week planning to schedule it and prioritize it.

And, if you’re serious about your commitment, share it with somebody else together with a date and time when you’ll report back on your performance. Accountability gives discipline a serious boost!

This is how you develop the skill of discipline, and this is you becoming your best.

“Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain regret.” – Jim Rohn

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