7 Ways to Re-engage With Your Goals

How are you doing with your goals? Sometimes they can slip away from us. Choose not to let them slip away, and here’s how! You’ll find below 7 tips to revamp and re-engage with your 2022 goals.

You’ll also find a brief overview of what goals are and why we set them. So let’s jump in!

What are goals?

The Oxford dictionary defines a goal as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” We further define goals as a path or plan to break through the status quo and unlock your potential.

Why Do We Set Goals?

Within you is an ambition, a desired “result” in life. You haven’t achieved those ambitions yet, but you know that they are within reach. Goals are both the path and the motivation to break through your mental, emotional, and physical barriers and achieve your ambitions, desires, and hopes. Your goals also orient you towards what matters most.

Without goals, people will largely be unchanged and stay where they are in life. With effective goals, they break free of today and realize their desired tomorrow.


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Seven Ways to Re-Engage and Refocus

So, let’s refocus and re-engage on your 2022 goals! Below are 7 “trip-ups” that cause people to stumble in achieving their goals and 7 ways to reconnect and get back on track: 

  1. My goals aren’t motivating. Solution: Your vision is your why, your purpose. If goals aren’t aligned with an inspiring “vision,” they lack motivation, purpose, and “staying power.” So, know your vision first, and align your goals with your vision.
  2.  I didn’t write my goals down. Solution: Goals not written are goals already forgotten. Take time to write your goals. Here’s a template if you need it.
  3. I set too many goals and end up achieving none. Solution: Define your key roles in life, and then set only 1-4 SMART goals per role. “Roles & Goals” keep goals simple and achievable. If you’re struggling with your quantity of goals, set one – just one – goal for each role and strive for that one. Achieving one is better than none.
  4. I lose track of and forget my goals. Solution: If goals are out of sight, they’re out of mind. Print and put your written goals where you will regularly see them and where you’ll remember them.
  5. I never shared my goals (I’m not accountable). Solution: Goals, if committed to 1-4 people you respect, have a 45% likelihood of being completed. AND, set a time when you’ll report on your results. You’re then 95% likely to complete them. Those who are serious about goals write them, share them, and report back on them. Be this person and you’ll likely achieve your goals.
  6. I struggle at the day-to-day level to prioritize my goals. Solution: do your pre-week planning. Review your goals and schedule your priorities at the daily level in pre-week planning. Each day ask yourself, “what am I doing today towards accomplishing my goals.” Watch your focus and productivity spike!
  7. My goals aren’t very fun and I lose interest. Solution: Create a vision board for yourself. It may seem “young” to do this, but young people do this because it’s inspiring and FUN. Create a vision board that includes your goals, and make it fun. Here’s a simple four-step guide on how to do this.

It’s never too late for any of these steps. Pursue your ambitions, dreams, and hopes. Break free of the restraints of today and realize your best tomorrow!

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I ignore the rest.” Venus Williams

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