#1 Way to Create Life Balance

What’s the #1 way to create work-life balance?

What happens when a person loses their balance? They fall.

What happens when a person loses life balance? Eventually, their life falls apart. It manifests as burnout, stress-related illness, failing health, failing relationships, mental and emotional struggles, anger, anxiety, and more.

When your health and relationships begin to suffer, our studies show that overall performance can quickly drop by as much as 50% and leadership capacity dwindles.

In contrast, when you live in peace and balance, your relationships can flourish. When you live in peace and balance, your mental, emotional, and physical health flourish. You’re healthier, happier, live longer, operate at peak performance at work and in life, and you’re in a place where you can most effectively lead other people.

As a busy person, how do you find that balance? As we’ve worked with CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals, parents juggling kids & work, community, and more, we’ve found one practice to be more helpful than all others.

What is that #1 way they create true balance? They look at their life through the lens of roles.

What are some examples of key life roles?  Common roles for people include professional/job, spouse/partner, parent, family, coach, church, community leader, and the most important “personal.” Personal includes mental, emotional, and physical health.

Do you have a clear written vision for each role? Do you have SMART goals for each role that align with your vision?

Most importantly, do you pre-week plan by role? This is the #1 way to look at your life through the lens of roles. Those who write out their key roles each week, articulate the priorities for each role that week, and then schedule those priorities into their calendar before all else naturally find balance and peace.

Life balance is inherent to this process.

If you schedule priorities for your health, relationships, and professional life into your calendar first, it becomes difficult for these areas of life to fall out of balance.

If you need tools that allow you to easily pre-week plan by role, invest in a Planner and the Digital Planner and watch your life naturally fall into balance.

“Balance – the state of having your weight spread equally so that you do not fall. The ability to move without losing control or falling. A state in which different things occur in proper amounts or have a proper amount of importance.” – Merriam Webster Dictionary

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