Do What Matters Most Live Virtual Workshop

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Presenter: Rob Shallenberger

The Do What Matters Most Live Virtual Training is instructor-led training that leads to real results. The instructor leads you through the three highest performance habits you and your team can use to prioritize time and increase performance and productivity. Ask questions, engage with other participants, and practice the skills you learn. Effectively resolve task & cognitive overload, reduce stress, get clear focus, create work-life balance, and improve performance and productivity by 30-50% within 2-4 weeks. Organizations, teams, & individuals report that these habits have directly contributed to creating a high-performance culture.

The presenter for this event is CEO Rob Shallenberger. For more information, see his bio below.


Do What Matters Most Live Virtual training gives you instructor-led access to the proven time-management & productivity skills of top performers.

To meet the unique needs and demands of the modern learner, training solutions need to be engaging, accessible from any location, and most of all, effective. On all accounts, the Live Virtual training delivers. Ask questions, participate in individual and group activities, and get hands-on application to leading productivity tools with instant feedback from instructors. You achieve stress-free productivity with interaction that’s fun along the way!

And, of course, if you have any questions along the way, we’re here to help.

When participants tracked results they saw performance and productivity increase by 30-50% within 4 weeks while also reporting less stress, better relationships, and better health. At the organization and team level, below is a list of organizational challenges this training typically solves and reported skills and areas of improvement: Challenges Solved: 
  • Task & cognitive overload
  • Poor performance
  • Mediocre time management
  • Missed deadlines
  • Burnout
  • Work-life imbalance
  • Apathy
  • Stress
Skills and Areas of Improvement:
  • Organizational and individual time management
  • Performance & productivity
  • Planning
  • Motivation, purpose, & focus
  • Efficiency
  • Individual & team engagement (including remote employees)
  • Execution
  • Accountability
  • Health, relationships, work/life balance
The instructor-led option typically results in the highest level of behavior change. In recent research, 82 percent of live virtual training participants and 84 percent of in-classroom participants report using their new skills to improve productivity. Similarly, 82 percent of live virtual students report better team productivity while in-person participants report better team productivity. Simply put, instructor-led engagement delivers real results, whether in-person or virtual.
  • A copy of the newly launched Do What Matters Most Book
  • Do What Matters Most Participant Guide
  • Do What Matters Most Weekly Planner
  • Do What Matters Most Digital Planner
  • Ongoing access to training resources and tools
  • Live access to instructors, peer engagement, & instant feedback
01. Introduction
  • Define, Differentiate, and Measure Performance and Productivity
  • Take your Personal Productivity Assessment
0.2 The Do What Matters Most Mindset, Skillset & Purpose (The Why)
  • Developing a “Do What Matters Most” Mindset & Skillset
  • The “enemies” of a Do What Matters Most Mindset & Skillset
  • The Do What Matters Most Matrix of Time Management
03. Lead with A Vision
  • The Power of A Personal Vision
  • How To Do Develop A Personal Vision
  • Examples, Guide, & Templates For Your Personal Vision
04. Manage With a Plan
  • The Power of Roles & Goals
  • How to Set Roles & Goals
  • Examples, Guide, & Template for Your Roles & Goals
05. Prioritize Your Time
  • The Power of Pre-Week Planning
  • How to Pre-Week Plan
  • Examples & Case Studies (Tracking 30-50% Improvements in Performance/Productivity)
  • Guide & Template to Begin Pre-Week Planning Today
  • Measuring Your Performance & Productivity
06. Time & Habits – Making Each Day Count!
  • Productivity Tips
  • Making Habits Stick & Building Momentum
  • Modality – Online, instructor-led, peer engagement learning
  • Course Content – 2 sessions of instructor-led training (see schedule for dates & times)
  • Duration – 4 hours of online instruction, peer group activities, & feedback
  • Delivery options – Compatible with any electronic device
  • Included Participant Materials – newly launched copy of the Do What Matters Most book, online participant toolkit, online workbook, and completion certificate
Robert Shallenberger
CEO, BECOMING YOUR BEST GLOBAL LEADERSHIP Rob is one of the world’s leading authorities on planning and productivity. He’s trained and spoken for hundreds of organizations around the world. After spending two years of service in Bolivia, he attended Utah State University where he graduated in 2000. He went on to earn an MBA from Colorado State University. He served as an F-16 Pilot in the United States Air Force for 11 years. He was also an Advance Agent for Air Force One and traveled the world working with foreign embassies and the Secret Service. Following the Air Force, he went into the world of management consulting. He’s now the CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership and is the author of five different books focused on leadership, planning, and high-performance. He’s been married for 22 years and has four beautiful children.
“My team just had our 7th consecutive ‘Best Month Ever’ in sales. And, I feel that I am truly at the best I’ve ever been in my life. I’ve lost 10 more pounds (at my ideal weight now!), and I have more energy than my teenagers. My life and my sales team are completely transformed. I’m so grateful for Do What Matters Most.” – Tara Dupuis, Regional Director, A Place for Mom
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