52-Week Success Rhythm

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Welcome to the 52-Week Success Rhythm! This is a unique program for continuous improvement each week. This is the made-for-you, easy-to-use email series to become your very best self over the next 52 weeks – without a big ask of time. You will get daily inspiration delivered directly to your inbox.

Every quarter you’ll focus on each of the 12 principles for 1 week. Every new quarter builds on what you learned in the previous quarter. At the end of the year (4 quarters), you’ll have focused for a total of 4 weeks on each principle. This is powerful, and you’ll love the sense of accomplishment!

Our guarantee is that you’ll master the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders and in doing so will transform your leadership, relationships, health & longevity. You will lead better, live more, love more, and achieve more – guaranteed! Sign up below to get INSTANT access to daily inspiration delivered directly to your inbox.


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What’s Included (INSTANT Access to):

  • Sunday Kick-off: A kick-off message that reviews your focus principle for the week. You’ll find inspiration, explanations, resources, and action items that help you easily focus and achieve real results during the week.
  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Inspiration: Inspirational quotes and thoughts relative to the weekly focus; these messages keep your weekly focus in sight and in mind so you easily stay on track and achieve results.
  • Wednesday Check-In: You receive a brief “mid-week check-in” to help you maintain focus, better apply your weekly principle, see results, & do what matters most.
  • Friday Debrief: Your weekly wrap-up includes a brief congratulatory and inspirational video and debrief. It feels good on Friday 🙂 You’ll love seeing your progress.

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52-Week Success Rhythm (Monthly), 52 Week Success Rhythm (One Year), 52 Week Success Rhythm (Three Years)