The planner to do what matters most!

The Becoming Your Best planner is a simple tool that allows you to Do What Matters Most in work and in life. Lead a life by design, not by default, and achieve more with less stress.

Free bonus: when you buy a 2022 planner you’ll also get one-year access to the Digital Planner that lets you pre-week plan within your google or outlook calendar ($29.95 value)

Find Focus
Get Inspired
Have Purpose

Improve Relationships
Prioritize Health
Overcome Overwhelm

Do What Matters Most
Achieve More with Less Stress
Measure Results

How the System Works

This planner gives you a simple process to find focus, do what matters most, improve relationships, prioritize health, and beat burnout and task saturation:

Clear Vision

The top three percent of high achievers have a written personal vision. Use the planner’s personal vision guide, example, and template to develop a personal vision that drives you at work and in life. This is your purpose. Your why. Your motivation. Clearly articulated.

Set Roles & Goals

Set, track, and achieve big goals. The unique goal setting guide, examples, and template let you perfectly align your goals with your vision. This gives your goals purpose, meaning, and direction. With this template, your goals become the pathway to realize your vision and fullest potential.

Win the Day and Week

Master pre-week planning using the guide, example, and weekly templates. Learn to schedule your priorities, and then prioritize your schedule. This takes your goals to the weekly and daily level to make them readily achievable. Stay organized. Beat “to do” lists and task saturation. Conquer overwhelm and burnout. Easily prioritize relationships and health. Accomplish 30-50 percent more. Pre-week planning is the secret to Do What Matters Most.

How to Buy

Choose 1 of 4 Options:

Small Planners - 6”x8"

The small is perfect for the compact, on-the-go achiever. This is a 6”x8” full 12-month planner with a weekly view and daily schedule, allowing you to see all your week at one-time while planning each day individually.

Small Spiral Bound


Small Standard


Large Planners - 8.5”x11"

The Large is suited for the packed schedule, executive, and those who need more real estate for their planning. This is a full 12-month planner with a weekly view and daily schedule, allowing you to see all your week at one-time while planning each day individually.

Large Spiral Bound


Large Standard


Free Bonuses

All 2022 Planners will receive the following bonuses!

Digital Planner:

All 2022 planners come with FREE 1-year access to the Do What Matters Most Digital Planner (experiment with pre-week planning within your google or outlook calendar) ($29.95 value)

52-Week Success Rhythm (Optional):

All planner recipients will be given the chance to opt-into the 52-week success rhythm ($37 value)

Free Shipping:

Get FREE shipping on all orders

What’s Included With The Planner

Performance and Productivity Guide

Know the difference between performance and productivity. Learn how to improve at both performance and productivity. Learn how to identify what’s important and a priority and what’s not important and not a priority. Learn how to manage time around what is important and what matters most.

Vision & Goals Guides and Templates

Let this guide help you develop a powerful and inspiring personal vision and goals that align with your vision, complete with an example and template for you to use. With the templates, you can keep your vision and goals at the forefront of your planner, and the forefront of your mind.

Do What Matters Most Pre-Week Planning Guide & Example Pages

This habit is the secret to achieving more with less stress. Use the guide (and linked videos) to help you develop this life-changing habit that will allow you to prioritize health, improve relationships, create balance, find focus, and accomplish more with less stress.

Monthly Strategy & Planning Pages

Look ahead at every day for the full 12 months of the 2022 year. Have your entire year ahead of you so you can plan your big events and those can’t miss important dates.

Weekly & Daily View Pages

View your whole week in one glance while planning each day individually (best of both worlds). The daily schedule is broken down in 30-minute increments with a place for notes and tasks — plan, schedule, and track each day’s priorities, tasks, and appointments.

Weekly Productivity Tools

Use the “Productivity Quotient” to measure and track performance (optional) so you can assess your productivity and your performance for each week. Use the “Weekly Focus” to develop yourself as a leader and focus on a leadership principle to improve on that week. Use the “Weekly Reflection” to evaluate your week, recognize the good, and areas of improvement.

Monthly Review & Reflection Pages

Each month, these two pages let you take a deep dive into your previous months wins, highlights, lessons learned, and overall performance. With forward-looking questions, you also prepare to successfully launch into each new month with renewed focus, purpose, and drive.

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