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How to add the Chrome Extension to Google or Edge?

How to add the Outlook 365 Desktop Plugin?

How to activate my Google/Outlook License?

What if I see a yellow bar after I add the digital planner?

Can I cancel at any time?

Can multiple people using one computer access it?

How do I change from a monthly to a yearly subscription?

How do I put my action items into my calendar?

What do the buttons do?

How do I use my “vision and goals” dropdown?

How do I email myself a copy of my vision and goals?

At checkout it says I already have an account?

What is the productivity quotient?

What are the daily reminders?

How do I turn the daily reminders on and off?

What is the principle of the week?

Developing Your Personal Vision

Setting Roles and Goals

How to Effectively Do Pre-Week Planning

The Purpose of the Chrome Extension

What is Pre-Week Planning

Pre-week planning is a simple way to look forward into your week, define & schedule your priorities first, get organized, be prepared, and successfully navigate the week. It transcends “to do” lists and transforms how you approach your week. Pre-week planning allows you to Do What Matters Most. The quantity and quality of what you do goes up while stress goes down. A recent study showed that after four weeks of pre-week planning a group of managers and executives were accomplishing 30-50 percent more while all reporting less stress. Pre-week planning additionally allows you to prioritize health, improve relationships, and avoid burnout. With pre-week planning, work-life balance comes naturally; without pre-week planning, it is a constant struggle and battle.

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How to Use the Extension
How to Pre-Week Plan

And, you’ll quickly begin accomplishing 30-50 percent more with less stress. The key comes in planning out the week before the week starts. Set a consistent time each week when you will pre-week plan; this is the secret to successfully making this a habit.

How to click-and-drop

While google doesn’t allow “drag and drop” functionality, it does allow “click and drop” functionality. Once you’ve completed setting your key action items by role, click on the action item you want to schedule. Then, click where you want it in your schedule -- the event that “shows up” will have a matching title to your action tiem, so there’s no need to “re-enter” your priorities, just click and drop!

How to use the vision and goals section

This video give you a brief tutorial on how to use the vision and goals section of your chrome extension. Pre-week planning, by itself, is powerful for productivity, prioritizing health, and prioritizing relationships. When used in conjunction with your annual goals and written personal vision, it also aligns your daily action items with your purpose, your why, and makes achieving big goals natural and realistic. When you pre-week plan towards achieving goals and realizing your vision, you lead a life by design!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

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