Great Leaders Produce Great Results

Hi, this is Steve Shallenberger. So nice to be with you today with, “Becoming Your Best Global Leadership.”
This last weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit some friends in the New England area and just north of Boston in Cape Cod. It was extraordinary because one of our experiences was that we had the chance to visit a college by the name of Endicott, the Endicott College. It has a tremendous history, but it was an example, once again, that great leaders produce great results.
I say this because of the history of Endicott College, it goes back many years, close to 70 years, as it started out as a women’s prep school. Then about 25 years ago, they fell on hard financial times. Their future was certainly in question when a great leader became the president of this organization and set a new vision. It was to be a complete college institution offering a broad range of degrees from bachelor’s to master’s to PhDs to having sports programs.
Today, that’s exactly what has happened. It has consistently grown over the last 25 years to where it is, an extraordinary campus. They had, just 10, 12 years ago, like 900 full-time students. Today, they have 2,700 students. They have ice hockey programs, they have football, other programs in NCAA competition. They have created an international internship program. And if you walk on that campus, you feel something special. It’s not only spectacular where it’s situated demographically, right on the edge of the Cape Cod Bay area and facing the Atlantic Ocean. But it has a spirit among its administration and the students that they can make a difference.
Well, this all stems right from the top with Dr. Richard Wylie. He has been the driving force of this, and he’s now been able to develop a team that has shared this vision that will help perpetuate it for many years to come. And the students feel this, so they’ve created a culture of excellence. And the reason I want to talk about this today is it is this quality of leadership that makes a difference regardless of any organization that you’re in. It is the leader that sets the tone. It’s the leader that makes the difference.
So people say, “Well, I’m not sure I can be a great leader.” But our research has shown that there are certain things that great leaders do to get great results and that you can learn those. And that is the very power of, “Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders”. Because as we practice those like you practice in sports to become good, you also can become a very terrific leader.
And, for example, leading with a vision. You can learn how to do that. You set an aspiring, passionate vision just like they did at Endicott. And whether you’re serving and it’s a capacity as a coach, a teacher in a civic organization, in your family, the principles are all the same. There are certain things that you can do. It is the vision, it’s setting a plan, it’s pre-week planning. It is, as you associate with other people, to live the golden rule. Dr. Wylie, one of the things he does, his home is right on campus there on the water, four times a year, he invites all of the students over for a barbecue. This is just one of those types of things that you build high trust.
So these are learnable things. That’s my message for today, is that you and I can specifically focus to do the things that great leaders do, and you will experience a great result. This is Steve Shallenberger. This is just one of the leadership things that you can do. You’ve probably heard about our, “5 Minute Leadership Lessons.” And so you can go to five…what is it, Dave?
Steve: It’s the “5 Minute Leadership Makeover.” You can go right to those, see these little clips that’ll help you do this as well. Have a great day.
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