Episode 200 – A HUGE announcement from Becoming Your Best!

Rob Shallenberger: Welcome back to our Becoming Your Best podcast listeners. This is Rob Shallenberger, and we hope you are having a fabulous day, wherever you are in the world! We can‘t believe it! This is our 200th podcast, which is pretty exciting! I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for four years! 


The intent behind these podcasts is really simple. It’s to bring value and add value to your life, whether it’s your relationships, your finances, your business, for those who lead a team – your team – and how you do that effectively. So really, the whole intent and vision behind these podcasts are simply to add value. Trying to find something each week to talk about is not too hard for the first few weeks, but then, after 50, 60, 80, 90 weeks, you’d think, “What else can we talk about?” And this is why periodically we’ll bring in these guests that have been successful in their own fields and ventures and all of these different things. But the point of this is that these podcasts are all about you. 


So, for 200 podcasts, we’ve been focusing on giving. In this podcast, we’re going to flip the table and I’m going to give you a big announcement of something we’ve been working on, now, I’ll say for four years and really for the last six months; going forward, this is going to be something that’s a big part of Becoming Your Best. And we’re excited about this announcement! It’s time, it’s something that’s been requested by families, by parents for years. And so, this has been in the works, and we’re excited to make this announcement! And then, I have an ask of you, on this podcast. So, regardless of who you are, or where you’re from – this will be a fairly quick podcast – I’m going to introduce and make this announcement, what’s coming down the pike over the next six months to two years, and then, again, this is where we’re going to solicit and ask for your help to continue this movement of Becoming Your Best forward to different parts of the world. 


So we’re excited to announce that, for the first time ever, Becoming Your Best and the 12 Principles of Highly Successful People and Leaders are going to be in the school systems. And I mean specifically high school and at the university level. So what’s happening right now is there is a pilot going on at a school in Utah, and they are going through each of the 12 Principles throughout the semester. So, what they’re doing is they’re going through one principle a week, and the semester is about 12 weeks, so it works out perfect for this semester. 


Now, why is this a big deal? And again, regardless of whether you have children or not, I’d ask you to continue to listen to this for just a few minutes, until we get to what we’re going to ask you to do. Because again, whether you have children or not, this does apply to you. 


So, the intent of this program is we started a foundation called The Lead With Light Foundation. And for years, parents, other people, leaders have been asking to take these powerful principles and create a way for our students, our children, those who are important to us in our lives, and really the future of our country, the future of our world, and get these principles in the school system so that they can start living them. Imagine the power of a high school student, whether it’s a freshman through a senior or a college student, going through the principles of, “Be True to Character”, “Developing a Personal and Powerful Vision”, “Managing With a Plan” – in other words, them getting focused on developing their own roles and goals; learning how to prioritize their time through “Pre Week Planning”. And then, of course, you have the other principles such as, “Be Accountable” – so now you have a teenager or a college student who is owning their actions, they’re taking responsibility rather than blaming others. “Never Give Up”, “Apply the Power of Knowledge”. Can you imagine getting these principles to that demographic? 


And so, we’re excited about this, this is going to be a thrilling opportunity to bless, literally, what could be hundreds of thousands of lives, even into the millions of lives as this goes around the world. I wish there were a couple more things I could announce related to this, that are happening in some other countries, but we’ll need to save that for another four to six months from now until this is final. The point is that through the Lead With Light Foundation, there is now a curriculum that will apply to this group, and this may be one of the most significant new movements of Becoming Your Best – is taking it to the younger generation of college students and high school students – and this is something we cannot do alone. 


So this is where the “ask” comes into play. And so, what we would ask of you – and we know that there are listeners all over the world that are related to private schools, that are involved with public schools, and that are involved with schools that are international as well, so there’s a big demographic of people listening to this. Our ask of you is, if you would like – not even IF you would like, I mean, I’m sure you would like – if you think about the schools near you, where you’re at, wherever you are in the world, who would be the right person to talk with, in that school, and how could we and you make contact with that person, and introduce to them the 12 Principles and what this could be like for a curriculum for them. 


Now, to make this easy for you, the only thing that we would ask of you, is to think about who that is in your school, who would be the right point of contact? In many cases its the principal, and the principal can then tell you who the right person to talk with, is. What we’re asking of you is, send us an email to, and then, we will reply to you with a PDF to describe the Lead With Light Foundation and how this can take the 12 Principles and incorporate into their curriculum. So it could be a devoted leadership class – if they don’t have a leadership class that they’re offering, they could create one. Another alternative is to incorporate it into other classes that they are already teaching. The point is, where there’s a will, there’s a way! They can make this happen if they would like to. And right now, as this pilot is finishing up here in Utah, it’s been amazing already to see the progress of the students and what’s happened. So we have more than about 150 students in this pilot, and already, they’re doing things that less than 1% of other teenagers and college students ever will do in their time in the education system. 


So our ask is simple. Email us at, and let us know who you are, the school that you have in mind, and we’ll send you back this PDF, and all we’re asking you to do is simply hand it to the principal and say, “There’s this incredible program that I’ve learned about for schools. Can we have them contact you?” That’s it. Because we can’t do this on our own. I mean, we’ve got tens of thousands of people who will listen to this, and are in places where we wouldn’t be able to talk with them for years, and how are they going to make that contact if you don’t do it? And this is part of our responsibility, as we view it, of making this world a better place – is helping with this movement that will transform generations to come. 


So I said that this would be a short podcast, it really is. We’re so excited to announce the Lead With Light Foundation, this movement of taking the 12 Principles into our school systems, starting with high schools, and we’re working right now with two professors who will develop a collegiate curriculum for their classes that will be in the business section, the leadership section, the entrepreneurship section of the university. So, starting with the high schools, the simple ask is, send us an email at; we will email you a document and then simply share that with your principal and ask, “Hey, could they at least just talk with you about this?” Because, you know, what’s the best situation? It goes into your high school and influences thousands of children, youth. What’s the worst-case scenario? They say, “No”. And then we’ve done our part. 


So this is going to be an exciting thing. The hope is to literally bless hundreds of thousands of our youth. This is already well in the works in some other countries outside the United States, and we want to do this inside the United States where you have tens of millions of children that could benefit from these powerful principles. 


So, we thank you. This is a big announcement; we wanted to save it for the 200th podcast. This is something that will impact generations to come. We already know it will, because of the response that’s happening from the youth who are currently going through it and other youth who have responded to it. So our simple ask to you – send us the email, we’ll return it. We’re excited about your involvement, we’re thankful to you, because without you, it wouldn’t happen. So with that being said, we wish you a wonderful day from us here at Becoming Your Best, and we hope you have a fabulous week! 

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