Here’s what happens next:

1. Click on the templates below to download them and get started.
2. You will get three separate emails this week that walk you through the Do What Matters Most habits. We encourage you to read these emails carefully and use the templates to apply the habits. Remember, only 1% of people apply these habits and they will dramatically improve every area of your life!

Please watch for the three Do What Matters Most emails this week! And … the first one should be in your inbox in just a few minutes … get ready for it!

Pre-Week Planning Chrome Extension

Would you like to pre-week plan within your existing Google or Outlook calendar? Would you like to have your personal vision and roles & goals conveniently visible within your calendar as well?

If so, we invite you to look into the Do What Matters Most Chrome Extension. This is a paid extension (from $2.99) that turns your existing Google or Outlook calendar into a powerful tool to schedule your priorities first and achieve your goals and vision.

OR …

Get the BYB Planner, Made for Pre-Week Planning

Do you prefer to use a physical planner? Do you like the feeling of putting pen to paper and tangibly opening your planner?

This planner gives you a simple process to find focus, do what matters most, improve relationships, prioritize health, and beat burnout and task saturation. Now with spiral-bound and standard (perfect bound) options, a small size for the on-go person, and executive size for the person who needs more real estate, there’s an option for everybody.
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