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"My team just had our 7th consecutive 'Best Month Ever' in sales. And, I feel that I am truly at the best I've ever been in my life. I've lost 10 more pounds (at my ideal weight now!), and I have more energy than my teenagers. My life and my sales team are completely transformed. I'm so grateful for Do What Matters Most."

Tara Dupuis, Regional Director, A Place for Mom

Proven Results ...

Solve Problems

68% of managers indicate their #1 challenge is time management. They struggle with task saturation, cognitive overload, burnout, apathy, missed deadlines, dropped balls, performance shortfalls, and frustration with work life balance.  Have your professional pursuits come at the expense of your health & relationships?

Increase Performance

Those who apply these three habits on average achieve 30-50% more within 4 weeks. At the same time they report feeling less stress & more life balance. Get organized, manage your time, effectively plan, do what matters most and take control of your life. You’ll immediately see your professional life improve, your relationships improve, and your health improve. 

"This is the most impactful leadership book I've ever read. It provides a simple results-based method that everyone is capable of following. You will become not only a better leader but also a better spouse, parent, and friend."

Mike Choutka, President & CEO, Hensel Phelps

Organizational Solutions

Tools & Resources for Teams

On-Demand Courses

A 3=4 hour self-paced course that includes a participant guide & all templates. See details below.

Live Training

Live Virtual and custom Live Training Solutions offer trainer and peer=to-peer interaction. See details below.


Self-paced and flexible certification with 1:1 feedback, teach-back, and certification. The On-Demand and Live Trainings are included.

Meet the Authors and Program Founders:

International Bestselling Authors and Trainers Steve & Rob Shallenberger


Steve Shallenberger started his 1st multi-million dollar company at 26. He successfully started and ran 11 companies in 4 industries. He is a HBS graduate & now teaches his 40 years of research on successful people and businesses. Rob Shallenberger is a decorated F-16 Pilot, former Air Force One Agent, MBA graduate, and managerial consultant.  Steve and Rob train and coach on Peak Performance, Time Management, the 12 principles of Successful Leaders, Strategic Planning, and Problem Solving. They’ve worked with companies such as PepsiCo, Charles Schwab, Dallas Cowboys, Dell, Make a Wish, YPO, Et Al. Rob & Steve are both wonderful husbands with 4 and 6 kids respectively, and both are actively involved in their local communities. 

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