3 Ways To Develop Millennials Into Leaders In Your Company

Millennials will become the majority in the workforce for the first time in 2015 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2030, they will make up 75% of the workforce. As this tech-savvy, under-35 generation replaces retiring employees, the need for leadership training is greater than ever. Here are 3 custom-made ways to reach out to the millennials in your organization and transform them into driven, happy, and successful leaders.
  1. Embrace their individuality. Millennials are energetic, seek authenticity, and yearn to express their uniqueness. Guide them to direct their energy to use their imagination while staying true to character. These are just two of the 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders found in Steven Shallenberger’s highly researched book and taught through Becoming Your Best’s popular and interactive Signature Leadership Program.
  1. Use tools they know. 78% of millennials own smartphones and are constantly exploring new ways of using technology in everyday life. The Life Organizer App, designed by Becoming Your Best and available through iTunes and Google Play, is uniquely developed to help users Lead, Manage, and Grow the life they want, by starting with a central vision, then breaking it down into annual goals and weekly planning. It also has a tool to help leaders and managers keep track of their notes and thoughts.
  1. Train for teamwork. According to a study by the University of Denver, 92% of millennials believe teamwork produces solutions and 35% expect excellent training. Becoming Your Best offers a hands-on Planning Workshop that leads a team into developing an actionable plan that can be immediately implemented. The team is also taught how to use a Six Step Process to develop contingency plans for future challenges.  Millennials are the future in the workforce, and with the right tools and training, they can become a cutting-edge generation of innovative, effective, and motivated leaders.
-The BYB Team
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