Can Your Goals Use a Reset?

Summer is ending, and fall is around the corner. Could your goals use a change-of-season reset?

Studies show this is one of the best times to update, revise, and refocus your goals. So, start this fall season strong by following the below five tips to refocus on, reset, and achieve your goals.

Why Now?

We grew up recognizing this time of year as the start of fall and also the start of school – a season of new beginnings, new hopes, new friendships, a clean slate, and a chance to pursue life and dreams with renewed vigor. Like muscle memory, we strive for a fresh start at this season. Does it come as any surprise then that gym memberships and online searches for career development spike in the fall?

Perhaps you are starting to feel it? If you feel renewed motivation, a desire to change, a desire to remove the old or bad and engage in new and better habits, you are not alone.

So, ride the current, seize the moment of motivation, and harness your energy and drive by revisiting, refocusing on, and revising your goals.

5 Tips for Revisiting Your Goals

  • Lead with A Vision: Your goals are the pathway to achieve your personal vision, so start with your personal written vision. Have any of your life roles changed? Is there anything about your vision that you’d like to modify, update, or adjust? And, if have yet to put pen to paper and write our your personal written vision, this a great time to do so.
  • Review your Roles and Goals: Take a moment to pull out your roles and goals. Read over them with fresh eyes and fresh perspective. If you never developed roles and goals for this year, it’s not too late to start. Here’s a guide and template.
  • Update Your Goals: What goals are going well? What goals are obsolete or no longer relevant? Are some of them too hard? Or, too easy? Do any of them lack purpose or motivation? Make adjustments that make your goals achievable, motivating, and challenging.
  • Keep It Simple: It’s not uncommon for people to set too many goals and lose focus due to the quantity. Is this the case for you? If so, simplify your goals. For each role, determine which one or two goals are most important, and move them to the top of the list and highlight them, or consider even deleting the rest. It’s better to achieve one or two meaningful goals than to forget and lose sight of them all.
  • Share Your Goals: If you’ve not yet shared your goals with a few people who can keep you accountable, do so now. And, let them know when you will report on how you did. Remember that a goal that is written, shared, and that has an “accountability date” is 95% likely to be achieved. Be in that group!

Wrapping Up

The power of a written personal vision (not your goals) cannot be understated. It serves as a potent catalyst for change, inspiring individuals, companies, and societies to reach their fullest potential. And, your goals are your pathway and plan to make your vision a reality. In other words, they are the stepping stones between where you are today, and where you want to be. That’s significant!

So, take life by the horns! Set, update, revise, and achieve your goals. Be accountable and realize your fullest potential. That’s becoming your best.

For a “goals template” and guide, see this article.

“For me, goals are my road map to the life I want. They have helped me accomplish things I once thought were impossible.” – Catherine Pulsifer

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