4 Habits for a Stellar Year

The blank slate of the upcoming year holds immense potential. You can make it a year where impact and purpose shine by practicing the below four habits. Let’s start the year off right!

1 - Develop a Personal Written Vision

Define your ideal life and legacy by developing a personal, written vision. Look at each of your life roles and articulate your values, hopes, and aspirations for each role. Write it down, review it regularly, and it will be your North Star throughout the year.

2 - Set Roles and Goals

Ditch vague to-dos and long goal lists that are easily forgotten. For each life role, set 1-3 goals that align with your vision. Make them SMART -Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. Your goals will be a road map for making your vision a reality and accomplishing big things in 2024.

3 - Pre-Week Plan

Before each week begins, map your priorities by life role. What matters most in your life? Personally? Professionally? In your relationships? Socially? Identify the 1-5 key actions that matter most to each role, then schedule them into your calendar first. You’ll accomplish 30-50% more and do what matters most. This is also a wonderful time to review your goals and vision to stay aligned with what matters most to you.

4 - Be Accountable

Schedule regular check-ins with yourself and trusted mentors or peers. Reflect on your vision, progress on goals, and learnings from pre-week plans. Adapt, celebrate wins, and course-correct if needed. This is your fuel for continuous growth. Being accountable is taking ownership for your actions, thoughts, consequences, and ultimately, your life.

Want Step-By-Step Guides?

Would you like some additional step-by-step instructions and inspiration for each of these four habits? Here are three articles with more details for each topic:

Wrapping Up

These are not tasks, but tools. Implement them, and watch yourself soar to new heights in 2024. Intention will fuel action, vision will guide decisions, and your impact will echo beyond 2024. Embrace growth, embrace accountability, and create a truly wonderful 2024 year. That’s becoming your best!

“An inspiring vision will become the guide for who you are and who you want to become. Your vision represents your heart and soul. It embodies your values and dreams. It generates passion and energy.” – Steve Shallenberger

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