Do What Matters Most Matrix

BackgroundUnited States President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was the Commanding General of the U.S. Armed Forces and Supreme Allied Commander in WW2, developed a four-quadrant matrix to help him determine if he was using his time effectively.Highly successful leaders,...

5 Skills to Effective Empathetic Listening

Have you mastered the five skills to effective and empathetic listening? Find them below with tips to master each skill. This is how you become an emotionally intelligent leader. What is Listening? Effective listening is defined as “hearing something with thoughtful...

7 Ways to Support Ukraine (4 of Them Not Financial)

You’ll find below 7 impactful ways that you can support the people of Ukraine (4 of them are not financial).This post aligns with BYB’s “Support Ukraine Day.” Regardless of when you read this article, today is an opportunity for you to engage, stand up, and make the...

Realize Your Potential

In Tom Brady’s 22 years as an NFL quarterback, he’s been to the superbowl 10 times (45 percent of his seasons). This means he’s more likely to make it to the superbowl than most NBA players are likely to make a 3-point shot. That’s amazing.Tom Brady is the greatest...
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